Monday, October 01, 2007

On Screen

Today/tonight is Smoke-free Day 105.

Spending more time today watching more TV than I should, it's true that the Chantix commercial now does seem to be showing up in more places, like in the middle of the evening news on ABC. It's kind of funny seeing it and having already been there and done that, and I do hope that it will help others like it helped me. Until my friend told me about it, I had no clue that there was anything like it, so it will be interesting to see the reaction from others looking for an easier way (nope, still didn't say easy) to finally quit smoking.

I watched a movie last night, Sherry Baby (I gave it 4 out of 5 stars), with tons of smoking scenes, like up close and personal smoking scenes, and I did just fine after the initial definitely noticing and finding myself preoccupied by it the first few times. Basically, that's about the same as it was for me back at the start of August on Day 48 when I posted, and it's probably because I still haven't really had reason to be around smoke, so I just randomly happen to see people smoke as I drive by once in awhile (like outside of the apartment buildings since they have to). It doesn't bother me that I notice the smoking in movies because I still more than able to get absorbed in the movie, so this is more just a comment that this is where I am in my journey, and I don't see it as a good thing or a bad thing, just a that's how it is thing.

And now it's time to reunite with my Wifes. I love this time of year, and Desperate Housewives is another favorite.


  1. I've been seeing the Chantix commercials too. It's kind of neat knowing the product that you see advertised.

    You are doing so great Maggie, you are awesome and a wonderful inspiration to us all!

    I have gotten where I notice everybody who has a cigarette in their hand even in the movies. When I see it in person, it doesn't tempt me because I don't like the smell. When I see it on tv, I catch myself thinking smoking's not so bad. lol Whether it's bad or not, I don't like the smell anymore.

    I love reading your posts Maggie so keep em comin! :)

  2. Thanks, Sue! On TV does seem different without the stink ;)


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