Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thanks, Coach!

Today is Smoke-free Day 96.

Another quick one with pictures.

The visit with my dear friend J continues, and yesterday brought us to the Oregon coast. We went first to Gearhart to Del Rey Beach, drove briefly along the beach just because we could, and then got out to take these pictures.

Then, the trouble began.

My car got stuck. I don't mean kind of stuck, and I do wish I'd taken pictures to show sand up to the bumper and halfway up the wheels (rear wheel drive), but I mean stuck, as in scary stuck. Fortunately, we were not so close to the water, so we didn't need to worry about the tide coming in and dragging my car away, so that was at least one less worry. Still, the tires just kept digging deeper with every attempt to get unstuck. A very nice guy tried helping us, even putting floor mats under the tires for traction but to no avail. Finally, thankfully, a wonderful local with "Coach" embroidered on his shirt towed us out with his pick up truck like it was nothing but a thing.

Amazingly enough, neither of us thought about smoking. I'm so loving this whole not smoking thing, and I am really loving how much easier Chantix made it getting going on my quit. I can tell you right now that had this been 6 months ago, I would have smoked my way through those tense 60 minutes or so and for the rest of the trip home. I can't explain how stressful it was. Instead, we each took a sip of our coffees and headed down to Cannon Beach, OR to see Haystack Rock and take these pictures.

If the above looks really familiar, it's because I shared some pictures (and a video) of the same location back in this post at the start of August.

We did stop at Doogers for the best clam chowder ever, as well as some fried oysters and a beer, and Happy Hour from 4:00PM - 6:00PM is the time to go because it's actually very affordable since I'd sworn it off during my last expensive lunch there in August. At Happy Hour, you get more chowder for less in the form of a bowl of it (instead of just a cup) for just $2.50. Nice!


  1. Good thing Coach and his truck were around to pull you out! Sounds like you're having a great time. The pictures, especially the waterfalls, are awesome!

  2. Mmmmm...Chowder and fried oysters. Not to mention the beach despite that pesky sand. Isn't it wonderful to not need something as stupid as a cigarette to make it through a stressful moment?

  3. Maggie, I haven't been posting comments because I'M SO JEALOUS!!! But I have been reading religiously as always. What a wonderful visit you're having with J!!! I'm so jealous! Please feel free to feel guilty. :D

    And congrats on having all that fun without a single cigarette! You and J are inspiring!!!

  4. Isn't it wonderful when you experience a highly stressful situation, maneuver through it, get to the other side and think, "hmm, I didn't smoke a cigarette" even better thought, " hmm, I didn't even think of smoking through that!"

    Maggie, you are doing fantastic, superb, outstanding. I'm not sure there are enough complimentary words, but You are Doing Great!

  5. Actually, Haystack Rock looks familiar to me because it was in the movie "The Goonies." Heya! Chunk, Chunk, Chunk!

  6. Thanks everyone! Yep, it's been enough fun that I ought to feel a little guilty (but don't ), and it's been nice not to have to smoke.

    Danielle - yep, Goonies was filmed out that way, up in Astoria.

  7. Congrats on sticking to your quit Maggie!

    I almost cried seeing your Oregon pictures - I used to hang out at the Oregon coast and I miss it on a daily basis...

    I wish you the best and will continue to peek in on your progress.


  8. Thanks, Robbster. We had a blast, and you know how gorgeous it is at the coast.


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