Friday, September 28, 2007

TV Trifecta

I little diversion from the Chantix and Quitting Smoking theme that usually goes on here. I don't know how I didn't think of this until mid-morning, but tonight is *the* night I've been waiting for since however long ago it was that last season ended before summer got going.

Tonight is, in order, the season premier of these faves:

Note: these are *not* spoilers but simply what happened months ago on the season finales of each
  • Ugly Betty - ended with unexpected tragedy for lovable Hilda and dear Justin as well as disappointment for Betty and her sweet/sexy/geeky Henry and the whole cut brakes issue for Daniel and Alexis. Just re-watched the first season finale and cried all over again. This is truly one of the absolute best shows on TV - funny, serious, satirical, touching, cute and not at all what I thought it would be until I watched.
  • The Office - ended with the possibility that Jim and Pam maybe might, but as much as fans want them to, I can't imagine if they did because the tension is all part of the fun of the show. The characters really do make this show. I love how just one eyebrow can express a million things when you know the character.
  • E R (ER) - the 13th season episodes blurred with the others before it, so I almost don't care whether the war protesters did or didn't trample Neela. Almost. I do love Neela's character, but I hope ER ends soon so that I don't have to keep watching because it's really dragged on about long enough now.
I love that I won't have to run out during commercials trying to fit in a quick smoke in time without missing anything and then coming back in all stinky so that Tom doesn't really want to hold me too close until the smoke smell settles down enough to breathe without coughing and wanting to gag. That's how it usually went on TV nights as a smoker. This is yet another very good reason I'm so glad that I quit smoking and want to stay quit. You know, the really important stuff, like TV night.


  1. Hi ya maggie.....well looks like you have your thursday nights down. Mine are
    Dont forget the lyrics
    Hope you enjoyed watching your faves tonight. I know I did mine?!
    I am a huge reality buff so I watch most reality shows!!!!
    Hope your still doin good!

  2. Tab, I'm glad I'm not the only one, and glad you enjoyed your shows, too ;)

  3. Maggie, nooooooooooo, you are posting spoilers!

    I am so excited about the new show season! Yay! (squirming)

  4. Stan, um, no, those are only spoilers if you didn't see the end of last season. I posted those *before* I saw any of the shows last night. About those, I haven't said a peep!


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