Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Today is Chantix Day 90 (or day 1 of the 0.25mg dose while tapering) and Smoke-free Day 78.

I'm at the beginning of the end of the tapering since today I drop down to just a quarter of a pill. So tiny. My nose thing (itching, slight bleeding sometimes) is back, so I'm really thinking it's not Chantix related but some kind of infection related - I'll spare Tasina the details and just say that I'm even more certain than I was that it really isn't from the Chantix. I've had some tuggings this morning, but I can't really blame that on the taper, either, since even on the full dose of Chantix, there were just times when I wanted to smoke to varying degrees (classified in my mind as tuggings, urges or cravings). I smoked for 20+ years, and today is the 78th day of not smoking, so I do expect to still have times when the thought of smoking occurs to me and maybe even sounds good. I also expect that I know how to not do it even when I would like to. It will continue to get easier, and the day will come when I don't even think about it at all. Already I get those days once in awhile.

I had a marathon phone conversation with my dear friend J last night (re-cap: he's the one who told me about Chantix, shared his mom's Chantix story with me, and sometimes still walks outside when we talk, too), and he is coming here to visit me! This month! OMG. I can't stand it!

I saw J briefly for about 12 hours last year while we were both in Chicago at the same time for different reasons (and caught a Cubs game, so it was time well spent - did I mention they are still in first place for now? Go Cubs Go!), but otherwise haven't seen him in about 8 years, so we haven't gotten to really just hang out together. I've been informed that I will be doing some drinking while he is here (which I haven't done since quitting except for a responsible single glass of wine), some of said drinking will likely be in a bar or three, so like I said when I was ranting about being in smoky places (nutshell version: "I will not be deliberately seeking out smoky/smoker encounters, but I also won't deliberately avoid people or events out of fear either"), if I have a good enough reason to want to hang out in some smoky place, then I will go, and my good reason arrives in a couple weeks (OMG!). It should be very interesting the pair of us likely misbehaving in public but not smoking. It's almost too confusing. This whole becoming a non-smoker process is all about change, and after this visit, it will probably seem more natural that we no longer poison ourselves while hanging out. We're more likely to live long enough to have an even longer friendship, and that is just plain cool because I bet he'll still be even funnier when he's an old, old man.


  1. Hey Maggie. Sounds like you're doing great! I'm so excited for you...you'll be on your own soon! I was just looking at your tapering off calendar. Are all the pills from start to finish from the same 3 month prescription? Or did you get another starter pack at the end?

  2. MsTekLady - The pills are from the same 12 Weeks Rx. They just last a really long time when cutting them up with tapering. In fact, I'll have one pill left over (well, aside from the random ones I've missed throughout the journey...).

  3. Maggie, you continue to be the Great Dame of Chantix Quitting. I look forward to your finishing your tapering. I'm quite curious how it will go. I've just finished two weeks off cigarettes, and I almost forgot to take my Chantix on Monday, so... I'm quite glued to your blog.

    Well, OK, also, I really just like the way you write. Go, Maggie!

  4. Thanks, Bay! I'm curious to see how things go once the tapering is done, too ;)


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