Monday, September 24, 2007

Was Busy But Smoke-Free

Today is Smoke-free Day 98, and it's also Sunday, a day of rest.

Friday was Portland's very gorgeous Japanese Garden and then the International Rose Test Garden:

Saturday was all Portland, OR, all day long, and we definitely got our walking exercise. It feels great to be in decent shape.

We started in Portland's "Living Room," Pioneer Courthouse Square (smoke-free in theory, since it's a living room and all, they used to argue):
We rode the controversial but amazing as a tourist attraction new aerial tram (since it's hospital property at both ends, I doubt smoking is allowed - funny, I didn't even notice or think to wonder until writing this. Nice!):

Then we headed over to the Portland Farmers Market in the South Park Blocks by Portland State University, and I couldn't get over how gorgeous the flowers were (and the yummy lunch at some stand selling a variety of Mediterranean yumminess):

A quick and very yummy latte at Park Ave Cafe while people watching for a bit:

Then a stroll down very trendy and way out of my price range 23rd Ave/Nob Hill/Alphabet District that involved much walking and much shopping because my dear friend J shops tirelessly like a pro, all punctuated by one beer (a Ruby for me) at The Rams Head...

...then followed by heaven in the form of hazelnut gelato (really, really exceedingly good hazelnut gelato) topped off with a shot of espresso at Mio Gelato:

Finally nearing where we'd started on the very convenient Portland Streetcar we'd been taking throughout (and it was great not to have to stop to smoke in between or "waste" a smoke by crushing it out early when the streetcar comes or worry about annoying others waiting), a quick run through the famous and deserving of several hours worth of time Powell's City of Books that does, indeed, cover a city block and is basically endless:

At very last, it was time for a dinner of some old favorites from back in Japan at Koji Osakaya back near Pioneer Courthouse Square - I went with the Pork Cutlets Curry (Katsu-Curry):

Today, I'm recuperating and looking forward to the next time my dear friend J and I have the opportunity to hang out together again. Until then, we keep encouraging each other and telling everyone we know about Chantix because being smoke-free and having such a great time in spite of it (since smoking really was like a 3rd person in our friendship) was really just plain awesome.

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