Thursday, October 04, 2007


Technically it's already tomorrow since it's almost 2:00AM, so I can say that it's Smoke-free Day 109.

About 3/10 worth of recent stress was lifted off our shoulders tonight on lucky trip number last of a lot of them to a place we'd been dealing with lately (long story that inspires me to rant and say very political while also very un-politically correct things, so I'm leaving it as is without additional details), so I celebrated with a Pumpkin Spice Latte (Oh. Hell. Yes.) in the spirit of the season (can't wait until Eggnog Latte season!). My way of thinking was that I've been having dreams similar to Chantix dreams the past few nights for no good reason since I'm off the Chantix, so I may as well give myself some reason that's enjoyable while awake, too, in the form of a latte (since caffeine gives me nutty dreams, too). Somehow I forgot that it would also mean that I wouldn't go to bed at a decent hour, either. Whatever, I haven't rewarded myself for not smoking in awhile, and since Lisa just mentioned the reward thing the other day, I'm reminded that I was about due, and right now, a latte is the perfect little treat.

I didn't do my afternoon walk today/yesterday, whichever it's called in the middle of the night - Wednesday - (I did do the morning walk) for fear of exacerbating whatever is going on with my crazy ankle and knowing that I'd be alone and would be too tempted to try jogging just a bit, but I'll be back to both walks tomorrow with no bursts of jogging for a week or so. If I still have issues (ankle issues, not my semi-permanent Maggie issues), I've promised Tom I'll follow up with my doctor until they take me seriously enough to investigate why I can't slowly jog for less than 2 minutes without pain. It felt really odd not to do that second walk - habit is a funny thing, and it's good to know that good things like walking and *not* smoking can be habit forming, too.

Oy. Work will be fun in the morning. At least it will be Thursday when I wake up, and that's practically Friday.


  1. Sorry about your ankle Maggie! :(

    I stopped walking and exercise because my lower back was hurting so bad. I think that it has healed enough now so I'll start walking again on Monday. I need to do something about this growing bulge around my middle! It's so depressing to just get dressed these days. :)

    Hope your ankle feels better soon!

  2. Thanks, Sue! I am thankful that just walking is still fine because I've really come to enjoy it. Hope Monday goes well for you, too!

  3. It's funny - we were blogging at the same time in the wee hours of the same timezone. Let's both get a good nights sleep tonight!


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