Monday, October 08, 2007

Cubs Lost, Got Drunk, Didn't Smoke

Today is Smoke-free Day 112.

I did that cooking thing yesterday (the soup was *so* yummy, nuggets were OK, and the rest is in the freezer but looked good - chicken strips were good last time, pepper lime chicken is new) while I watched my beloved Cubbies smash hearts all over town and all the way out to my kitchen while I wondered why I was born like this, a Cubs fan with such a hopeful heart. So, after standing in the kitchen for about 4 hours watching disappointment unfold, I decided to put my feet up and have a few drinks.

Those keeping score know that I haven't had many drinks since quitting smoking other than when my dear friend J was visiting, so it's still really strange to me to drink and not smoke. Last night I knew that if I'd have been around smoke while in that condition, I would have definitely considered smoking (not that I would have done it, but I would have considered it for certain). The good news is that I was at home with my man and my cats, so not only was it not smoky, there were also no cigarettes available.

I'm sure that I will actually be just fine not smoking on whatever day it is that I find myself in a smoky room with a drink in my hand, but I'm just glad I haven't had reason to deal with it quite yet, even if it is Day 112 (much more on this when I ranted loudly on Day 45 about the advice of the Chantix Get Quit).

I am delighted that I should have a hangover but don't. Not smoking makes the morning after so very much more bearable. Still, my McDonald's hangover breakfast cure does sound really yummy, and it's another thing I haven't done in months, so I'm off to surprise Tom with a McSomethingNotGoodForUs.


  1. Don't you start substituting the booze for those cancer sticks! LOL

  2. Maggie.....sorry to hear the cubbies lost. I dont keep up on baseball! (that is the game right?) lol Anyway......I do keep up on Colts football and Nascar(only cause of #20) anywho.......Glad you had a few drinks last night and didn't need a smoke. You have sailed so well through the quit Im really proud maggie. Hope your McSomething was good.

  3. Thanks, Tasina. I'm used to the suffering ;)

    Yep, Mamaflo, none of that going on here. I'm still afraid of my own shadow about drinking while not smoking, so it's pretty rare.

    Thanks, Tabatha, and I do hope you are feeling better. Breakfast was sinfully yummy.


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