Thursday, October 04, 2007

Day 108 Smoke-free Ramble

Today is Smoke-free Day 108.

The past two nights, even avoiding caffeine before bed, I've had odd and memorable dreams, not quite crazy Chantix dreams level, but headed in that direction. It's really strange. Given the nature of the dreams and life circumstances, they are pretty self-explanatory (except for the rhinoceros?), but I do find it odd since I typically have a fairly balanced approach to stressful stuff and tend to neither stuff it nor freak out about it. Apparently dreaming is part of my mind's approach, too, but I liked the silly and meaningless but fun and fruity and memorable Chantix dreams better. I am grateful that I'm sleeping, though, even if I wake up once in awhile lately. Could be worse.

I have mostly gotten the strange breathing and heart flutteries that came after the quit and after the Chantix back under control by sheer will somehow (basically just not allowing myself to freak out when it happens) because medically it really wasn't looking like I was going to get any further than I did last time. It still happens, but not quite as extremely.

I did wake up feeling my crazy ankle bothering me, so no more jazzing up my walks with little bursts of jogging for awhile (equals out to less than 1/8 of a mile of slow jogging, so we are not talking heavy strain), and that's a shame because I was getting stronger and stronger just little by little, but my ankle has been getting worse little by little, too. I'll keep pressing the issue with the doctors, but it is kind of a bummer that for the first time ever in my life I feel like I could start adding some jogging, especially all smoke-free and feeling bold, but it's something goofy like this holding me back. Thankfully, I do think just plain old walking should be fine.

OK, no idea where this post is going, but that's my morning, and I'm just thrilled that none of it makes me feel like smoking. In fact, the opposite.

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  1. Maggie... Thank you so much for providing me with the link to the heartbreaking video on Youtube. I have forwarded it on to several friends who continue to smoke. I hate to be "that person" who has "seen the light" and preaches to all others that they too must follow ... but, it really is a matter of life and death. I believe that more and more now than ever before. Thanks for your continued inspiration. have a great day... and congratulations on breaking 100 days!!!!!


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