Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Glad That's Over

Today is Smoke-free Day 135.

It's been too crazy to take a moment to post, but I'm here, alive, not smoking, and I'm mostly pretty happy about it, considering the alternative side. While that side did include being able to enjoy smoking (and boy howdy, I did enjoy and then some), then I had to run around knowing that some day I'd have to quit and that it wasn't going to be fun. Even if Chantix made it not as bad, it still wasn't exactly fun, and I'm still glad that initial part is well behind me now and that I don't have to dread quitting any more. I'm already all quit already. Glad that's over. Ugh, more crazy awaits my attention, so with one deep breath and a flick of the wrist, poof! off I go from whence I came.

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  1. Glad to see the air bubbles rising and know that you are still with us ;)

    Take it one day at a time Maggie!


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