Friday, October 05, 2007

Life's Tough

Life can be really cruel and heartless sometimes. It's Thursday night, and just the second episodes into the season of my favorite Thursday night shows that were *So Very Good* last week, but I can't possibly watch them. At least not Ugly Betty, or possibly the start of The Office because...

...I have another Cubs game to watch here in the post-@^%*$#-season that you know we *are* playing in this year!

Cue the music: !!GO CUBS GO!! Hey, Chicago, whattaya say? The Cubs are going to win today!

Tom, my sweet non-baseball man, you know you love to hear me sing it from the rafters and down to the kitties.

Song hasn't left my addled mind since about, oh, last Friday.

Go Cubbies!!


  1. Good luck to your Cubbies! I know how it is when you have favorite series and your sports team conflicting on air time. At least you'll have a chance to see reruns next year.

    You're doing great Maggie! Always an inspiration for all of us.

  2. awwwww, nooo, so sorry to hear that. I don't follow sports, but I was holding my breath for your team and more so for how happy you'd go if they won!
    hey, maybe another year!

  3. Eek, Stan, we are not out of it yet! I know, this is the *only* team in any sport I follow. It's best of 5 games, and we didn't win the first 2 games (2nd one was last night), but Cubbies are headed back home for the next game, so my fingers are crossed for 3 more in a row in order to progress to yet another level - where I can wring my hands some more with cautious hope ;)

  4. I didn't know you were from Chicago, I'm originally from St Louis and my first boyfriend was a loyal Cubs fan and he taught me more about baseball than my father and 5 brothers ever did.
    GO CUBS!!!


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