Thursday, October 11, 2007

Now, Bill?

I was in awe that someone could actually say half the things Bill O'Reilly said back when Shawn Hornbeck was found, thankfully, alive along with Ben Ownby back in January. Now that the disgusting Michael Devlin has pleaded guilty, as The True Crime Weblog is still keeping up with this case, and as there are even sadder details now known as to just why Shawn Hornbeck appeared a supposed "willing" captive, I'm just pissed off and in disbelief all over again at the level of ignorance people like O'Reilly are capable of displaying. The victim impact statement is powerful and sad. The transcript again, this time with video, of O'Reilly's thoughts is still beyond belief.

Now will Bill O'Reilly apologize, or does he still think that it's great fun for a boy to spend four years being abused by a monster in exchange for not being killed?

My heart goes out to the families.


  1. Oh, wow! I had no idea he said that! I stopped liking him a few weeks ago, after he made that stupid racist remark about Sylvia's restaurant in Harlem! Had I known what he'd already said about Shawn Hornbeck, I would've stopped liking him sooner! What an A-hole!

  2. It's a shame, too, because O'Reilly can be fun to watch, but stuff like this just makes me want to puke. That one, too.


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