Thursday, October 18, 2007

Public Service Announcement

Today continues to be Smoke-free Day 122 (disclaimer).

It's wrong to substitute brownies where cigarettes used to be, but on days when Chantix is in the past and brownies seem the only answer, there is only one brownie recipe I will ever use again because it is the only brownie recipe that is just so ridiculously good that I feel every man, woman and child must know its power and feel its love.

It's called "whatever Floats Your Boat" Brownies!, and my boat has done floated, indeed!. I opted for hazelnuts (bought whole in the bulk food section cheap, roasted in oven briefly, chopped in blender) and white chocolate chips. The beauty is how versatile these are with anything or nothing added. I made a double batch in a 13x9 pan (baked about 5 minutes longer) and thought I'd freeze the other half.

Ha! Yah, right. Funny thought, that one! Tee Hee Hee.

I had two for dinner last night, followed by one for dessert, and various others at other meaningful times of day. Tom did, too, but not as blatantly. It was definitely brownie abuse. No doubt. Good thing I'm walking (between the raindrops) and will not be making any more of those for a good long time. I also didn't smoke, so there. Health food, almost.


  1. I consider myself a fairly open-minded person. I try not to be judgmental. I hate to kick a sister when she's down. I try to practice empathy and tolerance.


    I'll miss you.


    (You KNOW I'm kidding. Mail some this way - I'll pick the nuts out.)

  2. Maggie, whats this disclaimer crap......there is no need.
    The brownies sound Mmmmmmm, wonderful!! Regardless, anything, even a couple extra pounds is better than the zillion killer compounds of a single cigarette.
    I'm glad to see you have forgiven yourself and gone so far as to treat yourself to decadence.
    Keep moving forward Maggie, you have given so many people so much hope and encouragement, your blog should be jammed full of thanks.

  3. Haha, Tasina, you are funny - no nuts in brownies? These were even better because they were roasted hazelnuts - like Nutella in a 13x9 or something. That's OK, these are good enough without any "defiling," too.

    Thank you, MamaFlo. Your words mean a lot. I do agree that the results of an extra brownie or four can't be as bad as smoking, especially if I don't make them again for awhile because I do think they may be almost, but not quite, as addicting ;)

  4. Yuuuuuuuummmmyyyyy. Hazelnuts. What can be more heavenly than Hazelnuts In Anything?

  5. Ummm...Maggie?
    Please, please blog the recipe. Please?
    Pretty please?
    With a cherry?

  6. Stan, yes, hazelnuts alone, especially toasted in the oven just a bit are fabulous. Combine with best ever brownies, and it's almost too good!

    Beth, just click on the link for the brownies, and you will go right to the source of the recipe along with all of the great reviews and helpful tips. I wouldn't put something that good out there without a link ;)


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