Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Rain in Orygun

Today is Smoke-free Day 122, with disclaimer because I'm a dork.

No secret, I live in Oregon. Nice to meet you. If anyone has ever lived in Oregon or heard of it (perhaps as Orygun, depending on where you live), you probably know that it rains here. A. Lot. And for a long time. From approximately late September until May (OK, not always quite until May), but it usually seems like more than those 7 or 8 months because it's not really very summer-like until after July 4th. It's like living in the dark most of the winter because even if it doesn't rain, the sun doesn't really come out, either. For those in the Portland, OR area, it's documented to be about 222 cloudy days per year (yep, about 7+ months, I was right). Then there's what I call "pissy drizzle" all day long, but no real actual accumulation of rain, endlessly falling just enough to make people crazy. Extreme Oregon weather nerds can read this essay all about it.

Even if my walking in the rain might require some adjustments on my part (saw a *super cute* raincoat for $20 that I might have to own with money saved not smoking, we'll see), I am so glad that this year I will not have to go stand in it getting wet like a complete nut while killing myself smoking (perhaps even nuttier than standing in the rain). I used to feel a sense of desperation during those rarer times when it would get raining harder with the wind going so that I'd actually have to postpone smoking. Gosh, those were miserable times. I really used to get a little bent out of shape and sort of nervous, wondering how long it would be until it died down just enough that I'd get a little wet, but wouldn't look like a total junkie willing to stand in a downpour (nope, somehow in my mind not as much of a junkie if standing and smoking in just the drizzle, I guess - I thought silly stuff as a smoker).

This year, as I look out at the clouds and rain and know that there are months and months and months ahead of me of more of the same after bloody and rainy same, I say bring it on. My dear mom (who I miss dearly) always used to tell me that I wasn't sugar and wouldn't melt in the rain, so I'm fine in that way, and now I won't have to worry about the rain extinguishing my poison on a stick, either, or hold my hand that certain way to prevent it while making my hand smell like, well, butt.

Chantix kicking off their commercial around this time of year was even more genius than I thought.


  1. the number of cloudy days is the major reason why I live in SoCal. the 222 days of the year is the number of sunny days here. :P I just can't have it any other way!! love the 'pissy drizzle' term :)

  2. We get about 222 days of sunshine here in South Dakota as well. The only problem is that about 195 of those days are


    but sunny.

  3. Please provide addresses of where I may come visit because by about Day 93 the cloudy skies get really, really old. Still, I do love it here in the green parts ;)

  4. I was born and lived most of my life in Michigan. Beautiful state, but the winters are long and cold.

    About 3 1/2 yrs ago we moved to Tennessee and I absolutely love it! We still have all four seasons and winters are so much more bearable. We get about 2 months of cold weather (20's & 30's) but little to no snow. If it snows, it's usually gone by noon. The falls are perfect for outside activities and spring comes early. Plenty of sunshine here too! :) I can't imagine it being cloudy that often. Don't you get gray days syndrome?

    I love brownies too Maggie! I have found though, that chocolate seems to bring on urges so I am taking it a little easy on chocolate for now. My half pill plan is going well so I'll be sticking to it.

  5. Sue, I can relate to cold since I grew up in Chicago and do not miss the winters. I've gotten used to the dreary days here for the most part, but not so much come February or so. Funny to hear that chocolate has that effect on you making for more urges.


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