Friday, October 19, 2007

Reading My Mail

Today is Smoke-free Day 123 (still with disclaimer, for now).

Yikes. At the risk of sounding nuttier than you all already know I am, I ask: ever get the feeling that someone is reading your mail or looking around in your mind? OK, OK, I'm really not that paranoid (mostly), and I do know that there are no GetQuit police as part of the GetQuit program from the Chantix folks, but I do find it funny that yesterday I posted about the most delicious brownies in the entire world (and if you click the link in that post, it really will take you to the recipe, I promise, but here's the recipe link again, just in case), and then today, in one of the only two emails per week I now get from the Get Quit folks since "graduating," they had this to say:

(spoiler alert, if the GetQuit stuff is something you look forward to and want to wait for the surprise somewhere around Week 20 since start of Chantix journey and would consider this a spoiler - yes, may some people are that way, and that's cool)
Food and Mood

Do you sometimes feel good or relaxed after eating a certain food? It might be because of what you ate. Some foods can make you feel good — even put you in a good mood. It has to do with chemicals in our brain that are released after we eat.

Everyone has food cravings. And when you quit smoking, there may be a temptation to replace cigarettes with food. Certain foods might help you feel better by improving moods, calming nerves, and increasing energy – so cravings shouldn’t be ignored. But that doesn’t mean you have to binge.

If it’s chocolate you crave, have just a couple of pieces and stop. Wait twenty minutes. You may find that you’re satisfied – without eating the whole bag or bar. If it’s pizza you must have, make it one slice. Again, you’ll probably find that you’re satisfied and feeling better after a moderate portion of the food you crave.

I about fell out of my chair! A couple pieces of chocolate? These people have never tried those brownies.

OK, OK, I am, in fact, being facetious, and I am aware that I cannot eat my way into brownie oblivion just because I am no longer a smoke but sometimes do miss it and feel like a brownie helps. It's best to eat well-balanced and somewhat healthy meals and to exercise, and I do continue to keep striving for that and moving in that direction. Turns out that for some, chocolate triggers urges, so once again, we are all just a bit different, and I think a little brownie binge in moderation (meaning I probably won't do it again for a long, long time, but when I do, I might again show zero restraint - try one of these, and you will understand) isn't an all bad thing for me but could be for others.

If the next GetQuit thing addresses any other specific aspect of my life anytime soon, like how wearing super cozy Hello Kitty pajamas helps, too, I probably will be paranoid. This time, I'll let it slide.


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