Saturday, October 06, 2007

Smart Idiot

Today is Smoke-free Day 110.

Let's not talk about the Cubbies last night other than to say that they will be back home in the friendliest of all friendly confines for Saturday's game and in the arms of all that good hometown love all covered in ivy. *sigh - mumble about long suffering and daring to hope while kept on the edge - sigh*

Aside from the above, I'm feeling pretty good this morning. It's Friday, I'll get to catch up on all my shows tonight (that I missed while wringing my hands in front of above said game last night), and it will still be Friday. And Fridays are always good. I've been told that both The Office and Ugly Betty were good last night. OK, now, shhh, don't tell me any more until I see them.

I got in my car this morning, and it's definitely no longer summer. I rolled down the windows to clear them, rolled the passenger window back up, but kept the driver's side window open for about a mile while I shivered. Then I realized that I'm a smart idiot who quit smoking and didn't have to drive around on cold mornings with the damn window open while I froze because I no longer suck poison. That's going to come in even more handy come about January or so.

Even if I've had some little whispers bordering on tuggings as recently as when I started writing this (yep, still happens sometimes, just more rarely), little stuff like these reminders are about all I need to remember how thrilled I am that I don't smoke and that it's worth it to just keep going because even if Chantix did make it easier to quit, I'd still never want to start over again because it still wasn't exactly a picnic (and I don't miss the nausea or gas like I do the dreams - Chantix dreams rocked).


  1. Yep - it is definitely no longer summer and no more windows rolled down. And that is a very good thing. Oh, and Ugly Betty was good but the trailer for next week...they got me again this season.

  2. Hi Chris! Oooh, Betty - they really just do such a great job of sucking folks in, and I can't wait!

  3. Oh, wow, is summer over?! I guess South Carolina didn't get the memo! LOL!!! It's still in the 80's down here!

    Sorry about the Cubs! I'm not a big baseball fan, but if I was, I guess I'd be a Sox fan...being from the South Side and all, I wouldn't have much of a choice, would I? LOL! But as a fellow Chicagoan, I'm with you in spirit! ;-)

    Glad to hear you're doing well and I wish you continued success on your quit!

  4. I will NOT say anything about the weather in Chicago of late because it will trun shitty and begin to snow within the next 48 hours if I mention it. Now that I got you curious, check the weather online and see what I am talking about.

    Haven't had to deal with the freezing my ass off because of the window being in its obligatory half-down position just about whenever I get in my car...but I sure soon will.

    Love you Aunt Maggie...OMG you have one of those word thingies like're now officially an internet big-shot in my book...

  5. Thanks, MsTek lady! Good spirits are a good thing ;)

    Matt, I missed the weather. Nutty?


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