Sunday, October 07, 2007


Today is Smoke-free Day 111.

Weekends are what I look forward to all week long, but even this far along in my journey not smoking, they are also voted most likely compared to any other days to be a little harder. Not that they always are, because plenty of weekends have been just fine, but it's just that I've had longer feeling non-smoking Saturdays than say, Tuesdays as a general rule. I've written about this a lot (particularly on weekends, actually...) because this has been true pretty much from the start, and weekends can be harder for plenty of us. One of my worst was back on Day 55, but I made it through. Yep, all the same links as usual, too, because I have only my own experience to share (this is good - couldn't keep track of two of me!). The good news about tougher weekends is that I feel like the Queen of Toughness come Monday when I've made it through to the other side.

And the other side is always right there, just over yonder, right past the craving/urge/tugging/whisper to smoke, so all I have to do is keep going to get there. Simple. Not always super easy, but definitely super simple.

I say all this because late yesterday afternoon and then off and on throughout the night, my lungs kind of ached a little like they were reaching out wanting to smoke. Then I woke up this morning and would have *loved* to have gone out on my reclaimed balcony where I'm not even allowed to smoke anyway under the smoking crackdown, but I keep reminding myself that it's such a silly idea, you know, me being a non-smoker and all. Sheesh! Non-smokers don't smoke, right?

So, I won't smoke, but I will keep busy. Chicken is on huge sale by more than half price, and even though I don't love chicken, Tom does, so today I'll be doing my cooking thing that you all know I love to do sometimes. Last night I made Chicken Cashew Curry, and it was incredibly good and tasted so fresh with the cilantro. I kept half aside before adding the yogurt and put it in the freezer.

Today, while watching my Cubbies (fingers crossed, jersey on under the apron, hope in my heart - since I know not everyone follows, nutshell version: today is 3rd games in best of 5 series against Arizona Diamondbacks, back home in Chicago after losing 2 game in AZ, so we *have* to win today and the next 2 games after that to keep the dream alive), I'll be making the following for the freezer:
OK, lots of busy awaits my smoke-free day, so I'm off.



  1. You are inspiring me to cook more and freeze for future use. Too often I take shortcuts. BTW, what is OAMC?

    Happy cooking!

  2. Good to hear, Chris! It's kind of fun cooking ahead a little. I'm no pro, so it's all simple, but definitely worth it. OAMC is Once A Month Cooking - basically, things that will freeze well ;)

  3. Hmmmmm, am I getting the right wind from your inability to keep track of the two of you? ;) :)))))))

  4. Congrats on 111 smoke-free days!

    I love the idea of OAMC, but I'm just not organized enough. Maybe one day I'll get inspired too! :-)

    Have a good weekend. Bon Appétit!!!

  5. Stan, we are all glad there's only one of me ;)

    MsTekLady, it surprised me that I started doing the cooking thing, but I'm not even close to doing a whole month at once, just a few things at a time or doubling recipes.

  6. Sorry about your cubs. We have a Mets fan in the family who has been pretty despondent for awhile now.


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