Thursday, November 15, 2007


Today is Smoke-free Day 150.

Some of us still count days, some of us don't, but since I'm one of those who does, this one seems to have the flavor of a milestone to me.

150 Days.

Cool! Thank you Chantix for the nice start to this whole thing. Looks like it's working if I just keep going.

I already nagged about this last week for anyone just considering quitting smoking, but tomorrow really still is the Great American Smokeout Challenge. I have no idea how many people take that one day to string it together with others to actually quit smoking entirely, but I do know that just one day at a time, we can all do this as long as we wish. I still don't say forever, even if I hope that it's so. I just wake up each morning and know that I can make it to bedtime without smoking. That's each. Each day. Rinse. Repeat if desired, and it turns out I do desire to repeat. Still, on this special day tomorrow, anyone can quit just for one day. No further commitment required, though it just might inspire a body to keep going one already 24 hours in. If not, it's still a day to prove to yourself that you *can* most certainly and absolutely do this.

If I can do this, I'm convinced that anyone can.


  1. Yea - another milestone! I too like to count and recognize the little successes.

  2. As always, congratulations Maggie! Right behind you.

  3. Some of don't count days because things involving numbers are too challenging for us!!!

    Congrats Maggie!!!

  4. Congratulations! I like to count, too - it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I'm 115 days behind you ;-) but just as determined!

  5. Many thanks to you all! I've appreciated all the support. It truly helps.

  6. Somehow, I didn't even realize today was the smokeout, I just happened to come online and notice. I guess at least I've been doing well at not sitting in front of the screen so often, though at what cost it's hard to say...

    I don't know how many days for me, but congratulations on your 150. I have a personal policy stating that anything that is a multiple of fifty is automatically a milestone.

    One day at a time, rinse and repeat. Couldn't have said it better myself.

  7. Thanks, Chris! I like your milestone rule of thumb.


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