Monday, November 19, 2007

6 Months (um, 5 months)

(Update: I'm not so bright on the math stuff. This is 5 months, not 6 months, so just pretend I said 5 months wherever I said 6 months, cool?)

Today is Smoke-free Day 155.

Yesterday was 6 months since I quit smoking back on June 18, 2007. Lots of thoughts occurred to me in the shower this morning ranging from "wow, 6 months is a chunk" to "wow, and there are still moments I'd like to smoke." Don't get me wrong, I've said the same a million times, it's still way better now day to day than it was at the start in the early Chantix and just post Chantix days, and I can remember my last real meltdown. It will be awhile probably before I'm comfortable around certain triggers, and I'll take my time. I just really, really want this to stick this time for good. I don't ever want to have to go through the whole quitting smoking thing again, even if Chantix and fellow bloggers made it a much easier path. I still hold with the thought that this process, like most in my life, actually, is not a straight line from "hard/difficult/bad" headed diagonally up on a graph to "easy/no problem/who me? I used to smoke?" and that there are peaks and valleys, ups and downs, all along this worthy path, still always headed in that direction even when it appears that there are minor downturns. Lately, the downturns have become fewer and further, and I'm delighted and thankful for all of my fellow Chantix bloggers.


  1. Wow - six months is H U G E! Congratulations!

  2. Good job Maggie.

    It been a crazy trip to this point, and I don't expect it to get sane anytime soon. :)

    If you are at 6 months, that can only mean that I am getting close to 6 months. Scary. I look forward to getting there though.

    And I agree, other bloggers and Chantix certainly made all this easier for me as well.

    Stay strong.

  3. CONGRATULATIOS!!!! Six months is huge!!! I can't even imagine! I just got off the phone with my ex and was really pissed off and was thinking that a cigarette would really calm me down. Since I have no cigarettes and no longer smoke I decided to log onto this blog. After reading about you not smoking for six monthos, I decided I could go on and finish what I need to do without smoking. I may go take a walk before I finish up my work for the day. I have a ton of papers and want to get everything done before the long weekend. Congratulations and keep on Blogging.

  4. 6 months is great...but...isn;t it 5, not 6? Either way...congrats!

  5. Hi, Maggie, I think it is only five months??? :P Either way, congrats! It's all milestones, who cares about the number! I'm so excited for you, to see you mature into a much stronger, wholesome, healthy person!

  6. Thanks everyone! Yep, I don't do math. It's 5 months. Doh!


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