Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dipped Gingersnaps and Chantix

Yes, I still cook sometimes but just haven't been blogging about it as much. In fact, if you are interested, I keep my own public cookbook on RecipeZaar (love, love, love RecipeZaar) with everything that I have tried since I joined. Most of them will have comments from me one way or the other. Me? Comments? Yah, shocker.

Anywho. Last night I tried a bit of heaven called Dipped Gingersnaps. The cookies were crazy delicious, to the point that even Tom, non-gingerbread family eating man of mine, gave them high praise. Something like 4 out of 5 stars instead of expecting to hate it enough for a 0.

The problem was that I, non-baking and still new to cooking even at my age me, screwed up the whole white chocolate thing. Twice, once per attempt. Yes, it was probably related to heat or water or both. Chocolate is kind of high maintenance and bitchy for a novice like me, so I went in unprepared and confident thinking I'd just melt the stuff like it said so mine would look as gorgeous as those pictures (yes, link again - do look). Next time I'll be more careful. Sheesh.

So I was looking into my chocolate issues to find out why I wound up with a useless (bummer, turns out it can be used for other purposes if you don't disposal it in disgust with yourself) lump of blah where beautiful and satiny melted dipping chocolate should have been, and I saw this:

Odd. My chocolate crisis. My Chantix method of becoming a non-smoker who used to smoke. All in one place. Guess I'm being called tonight to bake more cookies and not smoke. OK. I can do that. Off I go.


  1. Ok, I am on my period, and TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT.

    So forgive me - after I saw this was all about food I SCREAMED AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE, PULLED MY HAIR and then scrolled down.

    I wanted to sent you this message:

    You expressed interest in the Photo Meme, Weekly Winners? We'll be kicking it off as a joinable Meme this Sunday...

    Here's more info:
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    Can't wait to see your first edition! :-)

    Please forgive my menstrual self.


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