Friday, November 09, 2007

Fair is Simply Fair

I support the Writers Guild of America. As much as I will miss my shows, I support these folks and will not whine too much while they are fighting for nothing more than just what is right.

If you think, as I admit I was guilty of when there were just whispers of possible strike, that this is something like "a bunch of left leaning, privileged, silver-spoon fed, pinko cry babies" (yep, almost verbatim my thoughts), please do have a look at this post, The Reality of the WGA Strike.

I personally have watched *tons* of episodes online when I've missed a show, and while I did know that there were ads, I certainly didn't know until the strike that people like the writers or actors were not getting paid. Is there work any less valuable because my schedule causes me to sometimes watch online instead of in front of the TV?

If you are a fan of The Office, Jenna Fischer (Pam) explains the strike well on her myspace blog and links to another excellent explanation by James Gunn on just how this affects more than may first meet the eye and goes way beyond writers.

The United Hollywood blog is keeping folks up to date and providing links to more information and ways to help.

If YouTube is your thing, take a look at wgaamerica's page has posted from the strike. Here is one of many (again, folks from The Office, who I just plain love):

If you also support the WGA and believe as I do that fair is simply fair, go ahead and sign the petition at to show your support.


  1. Hey Maggie...I also support the WGA. I think it's disgusting that they have been relegated to the back seat while other members of the entertainment industry make millions off of their backs. Let's face it - without the writer, NOBODY works. I'm a very strong union supporter. Thanks for the links to support the strike - I think it's great that actors are showing their support. Hope the weather in Oregon is as gorgeous as it is here! I love FALL!

  2. Yes, thanks for the link to the petition.

    How about that ending last night? I never imagined Bradford having an attack on the alter! Keep it coming...

  3. Yeah....I just read that the strike is going to mess up "Lost."


    Oh well - they do deserve fair treatment.

    But it's LOST!!!

    No, be nice.


    *this episode of CRAZY brought to you by a WGA scab*



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