Friday, November 02, 2007

Giving Blood

Today is Smoke-free Day 137.

I have an appointment to donate blood today. This is something that needle-phobic me very rarely does. The handful of times I've done, the process typically ends with me breathing into a paper bag and/or passing out. Still, I want to be better about doing this kind of giving. Quitting smoking has touched other parts of my life and has made me want to do more in general in the way of things that are just good for me like walking, or in this case, I guess, good for others like giving blood. Something about thinking about quitting smoking and then finally taking action (thanks in large part to my dear friend J's tip about Chantix) sort of influences me to want to do the same with other good things I've typically left at the "thinking about it" stage. Oddly enough, as I thought about it today, the handful of other times I've donated blood were during periods of being a non-smoker. Perhaps I was similarly inspired then, too, but since I didn't blog about it, I can't really go back to look. I know that even smokers can donate blood, but I still like knowing that my blood won't have as much junk or poison in it when I give it away. Of course, I would encourage smokers, non-smokers or those in between to do this good deed (here's a link to Give Life) if so inclined and eligible, but I'm just a happy girl that my blood is smoke-free like me!

All that deep breathing I've used to get through times of wanting to smoke should come in handy while I'm trying to relax at needle time. I'm such a brave little chicken.


  1. Good for you! Donors a silent hero's.

  2. I donate blood often, Maggie. I have to say, I never even thought about the fact that I was donating my nicotine along with my blood when I was smoking. Hopefully, nobody who received my blood became a smoker! Still hanging in there after 21 days!

  3. Yeah I have givin blood. I also have some banked when my mom has surgery cause she wont take anyone elses blood. so when there is an upcoming surgery I go to the blood bank and give some to her for use after or during surgery. So I have to be careful when I give cause I never know when she will need it. Last time they didn't need it so it was wasted blood. oh well I tried.
    hope your doing good.

  4. Thanks, everyone. I think it's an awesome way to give something, even if my attempt didn't turn out as I hoped.


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