Friday, November 23, 2007

Giving Thanks

Today is Smoke-free Day 158.

Odd, last night while getting started on cooking my crazy menu for two, every once in awhile I would get a stronger than usual little tugging (perhaps just a strong whisper?),and I would have loved to have taken a little smoke break. Ditto this morning. It's really kind of strange. Though strong, these little tugging whispers went away as quickly as they came.

I'm grateful today on this day of giving thanks that just because sometimes even now smoking sounds kind of yummy (ew, I know), I don't have to smoke anymore. I AM FREE as long as I want to be.

Thank you, Chantix, for making it not as bad as it can be. Thank you, wonderful, supportive fellow Chantix bloggers for inspiring me and reminding me that I'm not alone. Thank you, Super Tom for being just plain super and making me feel like a lucky girl.

Now, be a dear and please pass me them yummay lookin' sweet pertaters, would ya?


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Maggie. I was reading your post and am realizing that I am still feeling normal feelings for thinking about "a smoke break." Not that I am glad to hear you still sometimes thinking of smoking, I am just glad to see that I am just having normal thoughts and even people who have been doing this longer than me still feel it. I am looking forward to the feelings going away as quickly as yours. Sometimes I have to engage myself in delay talk until they pass and often times "a smoke break" really does sound good. I know it probably wouldn't be that good in reality but when stress hit, it sounds good. I do not wish to be a slave to the tobacco industry and its a lot of work to go out and smoke. Besides, I am noticing smokers moving further and further away from buildings to take "a smoke break." Pretty soon they will be walking a few blocks away. Have a great day.
    PS: Excuse the spelling/grammar. I did not have time to proofread because I am late.

  2. Hey Maggie I'd love to exchange links for sure! Thanks for all your support its wonderful.. I am hoping the results from Chantix is all that everyone says it is! I have been wanting to quit for 5 years now to be honest but I always failed miserably in the past :/
    This time however has to be for life!

  3. Sorry to hear about the tuggings. I had a couple as well, but nothing too bad.

    And Happy Thanksgiving for sure!

  4. Mz Diva, yep, I think it's normal, even now. And it really does get better.

    Babs, good to see you! I wish you the best and hope Chantix works for you as it has for lots of us.

    Thanks, Nathan. I wonder if there is something about the holidays...

  5. Hey Maggie...Happy Thanksgiving (belated). I love reading your posts because you are so refreshingly honest. I think you might be onto something - maybe these "tuggings" are stronger during the holidays. I lucked out this time, because my cravings were kept to a "1" on the Chantix scale. But, it makes sense to me that at times like this (especially Thanksgiving), when you're stressed about cooking a meal (whether it's for 2 or 200), you'd want to reward yourself with a smoke break. Kudos for not caving in!

  6. Thank you, Bob, and glad to hear that your craving level wasn't affected by the holiday.


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