Saturday, December 01, 2007

Icky and Bean Soup Update

Today is Smoke-free Day 166.

Maybe the recent enhanced tuggings have again diminished back to not enhanced. I'm not quite sure yet since it's early and since I'm feeling really off today with a terrible headache since last night. It was bad enough that I was in bed before 10PM, amazingly enough, but then I woke up with it still here - never happens to me, so this is really odd. When I feel kind of sick-ish, smoking doesn't really sound appealing anyway, which is why it's sort of mind-boggling to me that I used to smoke just as much when I was any kind of sick, even though it made me feel worse when I did it (well, except that menthols did quiet the cough for about 10 minutes and even feel soothing - only to make it even more hellish within 20 minutes). Kind of a head scratcher now unless I remember that smoking really is an addiction in the fullest sense of the word. Whatever. Right now my head feels migraine-ish and in a fog, and smoking doesn't sound at all like anything I want right now, kind of like when the Chantix made smoking bring on the nausea. Yep, blech. No thanks.

The bean soup did not taste even close to as good as I'd hoped (*update: see updated update because I fixed it so that it was actually really good!) . I think this time Tom was right that the tomatoes just don't belong. I'll be trying the same basic approach with all the yummy beans but with some other recipe (and without the ham bone since that was my one and only). I need to find something before Christmas, so I'll report any winners and will accept, with absolute glee, any suggestions that would still lend themselves to being put in a mason jar (now that I have a case of them). We will still eat some as leftovers that might taste better since beans usually work that way, but that is only because of the "waste not, want not" words that echo in my ears even if my beloved mom is no longer here to say it. See, I remember some stuff sometimes. Next time I try something like this, I hope I remember to make just half the recipe (though I had to double the beans to fill the 1 quart mason jar).


  1. Maggie, I am sorry that you don't feel good. I have been sick for quite a few days now. I actually took yesterday off and am going to the doctor today. You described how I am feeling to a tee...foggy head and a headache but I am really stuffed up too. I went to my meeting today and yep, I always smoked, sick or not. I too would often go between menthols and regular cigarettes (light of course) to give my throat a rest! Go figure...addiction at its finest! Not to mention denial! I am going to discuss the gas side effect with my doctor while I am there. I am thinking about cutting my Chantix dose in half. I have not been not been really having any cravings to speak of and when I went to the bank today this woman came in REEEEEEEEKING of stale smoke! It was raining so she must have been smoking in the car because it sure was POTENT! I am glad I am still on the right path! Meaning not smelling it today and feeling triggered to want one. That is definetly the Chantix. I am starting to feel more and more like a non-smoker! I will let you know what the doc says about cutting the dosage down.

  2. Oh - Sorry your not feeling well. I've been fighting of some kind of bug for a week. It's that time of year, I guess.

    Waste familiar! I thought the tomato seemed out of place but what do I know. Thanks for putting yourself out there as a guinea pig.

    Feel better and have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks, Diva and Chris! Diva, so nice not to reek of smoke anymore, isn't it?


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