Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nevus Part Two

Today is Smoke-free Day 142, and it is morning, and I do regret staying up until almost 3:00AM. My quit meter seems temporarily not to be showing for some reason, but I am *not* temporarily smoking. No clue what's going on. If I ever wake up today, I'll try to sort it out if it doesn't magically reappear on its own. Oh, OK, it's back. Never mind. If only everything else on my to do list could do that little trick.

You all know that I do not love needles and other painful stuff, and if you were reading way back in mid-July when I had the punch biopsy done on something called a blue nevus, then you know that I whined about it and used it as an excuse to buy more Hello Kitty Band-Aids to soothe my wounded psyche from the horror of it all. I get to do all of that again. Today. Turns out that they didn't dig deep enough, so this time will be more of the same, just a bigger hole, maybe an extra stitch. I am such a baby about all this, and thinking about the thought of stitches grosses me out and makes me feel like I deserve super extra special treatment (preferably in coffee form). Will I ever become an adult?

Not to be lame and quote myself, but I'm going to be lame and quote myself from an old post because no matter how scared I am about later today, this really is nothing but a little thing since they are still sure it is not cancer.
I'm so grateful right this moment that I quit smoking. I mean, I know that non-smokers do absolutely get cancer, but I'm glad to not be thinking about it so constantly as if it was right around the corner and would be my own fault for ignoring the warnings and letting it "get me" by not only doing nothing to prevent it, but worse, so blatantly almost tempting it. I'm not sure if there's a time frame by when I'll be completely out of the woods across the board from the effects of having been a smoker, but today I'm just glad that I've picked up my little pack of useful tools and resolution, said my goodbyes to my poisonous old friend and have started hiking my way out (with my walking stick, Chantix; thank God for Chantix this time through), and I won't look back.
Yep, I think I will live through this. But I will need coffee, Hello Kitty pajamas, and another box of Hello Kitty Band-Aids until the stitches come out. You know, like a big girl.


  1. Owe - I'm OK with needles but the punch I really do not like. Only went through that once, thankfully. Hang in there and have a super special coffee and pamper yourself.

  2. Needles are one of the few things I'm NOT afraid of. Hope it isn't too bad for you. :(

  3. I hope that it all went well for you Maggie. I'm okay with needles, but the punch sounds like it would hurt.

    I hope that it's not lame quoting yourself, I do it too. :) Yours was worth quoting anyways.

  4. Thank you all! I dodged the bullet and didn't have to do it. Yay me!


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