Thursday, November 08, 2007


Still Smoke-free Day 143, shortly before midnight, which means I should be sleeping instead of blogging.

Listening to the evening news, my ears perked up when there was mention of a vaccine to help people to quit smoking. First a pill (thank you heavens above for Chantix), now working on a vaccine called NicVax that seems (in my not expert mind anyway) to work somewhat similarly to Chantix, even if perhaps through a different mechanism, in that they say it blocks nicotine from getting to the brain where nicotine makes smokers happy.

Reuters can explain this better, so here's how it's described in their article:

The vaccine is designed to make the body produce immune system chemicals called antibodies that stop nicotine from getting to the brain and producing its pleasurable effects.

Rennard said patients who produced the most anti-nicotine antibodies were also the ones most likely to stop smoking for longer. And if they did not quit, they smoked less -- 10 cigarettes on average a day, compared with 20 before they got the vaccine.

I find it interesting that even in this study it's noted that different people's bodies do different things to different degrees. This is why I do think that one solution is not necessarily the same great solution for all people quitting smoking and that we take our own paths getting to the smoke-free where we are headed.

If this vaccine will help people quit smoking, I say bring it on. I know how much Chantix helped me. I do wonder about the side effect thing. With Chantix a person has the option to reduce doses or discontinue taking it (both under doctor's advice, of course) if side effects become too much, but with a vaccine, I'm curious what can be done after the shot has been given.

More information, including the name NicVax, can be found in this article.


  1. Interesting. I think I would have preferred this to pills. I never remember to take pills (DYLAN!). And since I don't have that little needle some people.... ;)

  2. Yes, very interesting. But like Maggie I wonder about side effects and the ability to control dosage. I for one had to back off the 2 mg. of Chantix per day. Hard to do once the injection is done.

  3. It will be interesting to find out more once it's here.


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