Monday, November 12, 2007

Random Sunday

Today is Smoke-free Day 147.

I feel more awake, alert and interested in life in general this morning, but I have a stiff neck, and I'm feeling super random. Lucky you.

Eggnog Lattes
That's all fine because all weekend long has been egg nog latte weekend since egg nog is now in stores considering Christmas begins at Halloween. While I normally find that irritating, Christmas coffee flavors are nothing but wonderful year round. I was excited just that the creamer is out for just regular coffee, but a real latte with real eggnog (be sure to cut it with half milk) is to die for if you are me.

Ghetto TV
I need a new old TV and might be getting one today if the $20 one on Craigslist works out as planned. I have a TV next to my desk that is almost always on when I'm on my computer. Ever since the move back in May, it's been dropping channels. First it was FoxNews. Maybe that was a sign of sorts. I won't say. Then slowly a lot of other channels started to go away. Randomly. Shaking the TV or putting stuff under it to prop up one side or just yelling at it sometimes worked. For awhile, one channel wouldn't work, but you could get that channel on the channel next to it, but only sometimes. This goose is cooked. My Wifes are on tonight, and that is one of the channels I no longer get, so I need a cheap solution and have fingers crossed I've found one. Until then, the Food Network does come in clear as a bell. Maybe Tom is behind this somehow.

I've had a Twitter account for a long time but pretty much never really used it since I didn't see the point. I still don't, but I've added it for my entertainment or your curiosity (over there, on the right). For now. So far I've just talked about coffee. Surprising, I know. If I find that I actually update it, I'll keep it. If not, I'll take it down. Nothing worse than twitter showing what someone was doing 36 days ago.

Dear Stan mentioned on yesterday's post when I was feeling "off" something about cooking. Oh, yes. I've been cooking, just not being quite as creative as I was for awhile when I was cooking instead of smoking and blogging about it. That said, since I do still get the Food Network, on Friday I did make some very wonderful Strogie Hoagies because I'd watched Rachel Ray do it. Think Beef Stroganoff, on a bun. Mine didn't have watercress, but did have mushrooms, so it works out. Tomorrow is Cheap Ass Frugal Monday (yep, since last month, we do this every Monday), and one of my favorite super cheap meals: Butter Beans and Batter Bread, both from an excellent resource over at Hillbilly Housewife, in particular the $45 Low Cost Emergency Menu for 4 to 6 that she posted way back that I finally started trying (now I'm addicted to recipe above - works out to $0.35/serving shopping where I do - yes, I did the math all by myself). Turns out the site used to belong to another Maggie (had to be good), but has just recently changed hands. I appreciate that both of these women of faith spend less time preaching at folks and more time just putting good and useful information out there for people to help themselves. That is faith in action in my book.

That's All
OK, I've said plenty for the morning, so I'm off to enjoy my latte, maybe work a puzzle that I started (this one, if you are curious - I don't love Kinkade, but I do love puzzles, so here I am), consider whether it's OK to toss out the remaining Chantix that's still left, probably decide not to just yet like always, then have another latte and work on the puzzle some more. In theory, I need to go to the store so that I can cook Oven-Fried Chicken Chimichangas for dinner (since I have boat loads of chicken in my freezer from when it was on sale). We'll see. I'm not sure all of my lazy has left just yet.


  1. I'm so behind the times with online stuff. What's Twitter? And what's a meme?

  2. Twitter is a goofy little thing that lets you update what's going on. Hard to explain. Just take a look at their site. A meme is one of those fun little things where you have to answer questions about yourself and tag other bloggers to do the same. I'll tag you if I ever get another one ;)

  3. Ok I set up a Twitter thing. I even found you on there. So now I feel even MORE like a stalker. LOL I get the idea behind it...but still...

    I'm giggling madly here....

  4. Everyone just has to love you Maggie, you keep our days interesting with your posts both on your blog and making comments on ours.
    I need to spend more time on your general site and get to know you better so I can do something nice for you - you are always there for everyone, what a woman, what a friend!!

  5. Tasina, I'm following you on Twitter. Could be fun. For the first few days, anyway. We'll see.

    MamaFlo, thank you. You are always so kind, and it's a joy reading along with everyone.


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