Monday, November 12, 2007

Really, NBC? Now?

OK, OK, I know that I just posted. This is unbelievable. The strike is mainly about compensation for writers (and eventually actors, etc.) on new media since they all get ZERO when I watch shows online. So today is when NBC chooses to launch their Direct Download service? Gotta be kidding. Nothing like making the point that the WGA folks are trying to make. Silliness.


  1. Maggie,
    Thanks so much for your blog about Chantix. I am having trouble reading through it in there a simple way to do so? Day 20 (my quit date) for me, actually (hopefully) quit 3 days ago. I am 55 yrs young, smoked for 30 yrs, Nana to one grand daughter. Husband and I enjoy golf, cruise vacations, family. I will be so proud of me when I am no longer a smoker! Thanks for your advice and support.

  2. Marti, thanks for your comment! I wish you the best on your quit and hope that you will pop in sometimes. Probably the easiest way to read my posts in order would be to use the archive list on the right. The most recent posts are listed at the top. If you click on a month (I started Chantix in May, if you are wanting to read from there forward), you can see the entire month on one page, again with most recent posts at the top. Hope that helps!


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