Thursday, November 08, 2007

Stop Thinking About It, Do It Nov 15

Today is Smoke-free Day 143, and I'm thrilled about it.

Most of the time I just share my own experience and try not to tell people what to do, but today I have to make a little plea to anyone still smoking and still just in the stage of considering quitting (which I was in for many years...). You have the perfect reason to just give quitting a try right around the corner, and you'd even have a week starting today to mentally prepare. If you already have a prescription for Chantix and started taking it tomorrow, your quit date would coincide with The Great American Smokeout Challenge on November 15, 2007, and you would be one of many giving it a go, even just for that one day. There is strength in numbers, and if you make it one day, you know that it's possible to stay quit as long as you choose to, one day at a time. Stop thinking about it, and just do this.

Even if you are not going the Chantix route, there are tons and tons of excellent resources over on the Smokeout page linked above (and you all just *know* that I will be adding it to my list of Linky Loos). There is an actual Quitline set up to give you a call, there are computer desktop goodies and toys that include a craving stopper button (includes a little distraction game, too - how cool is that?) and tips and fact sheets about what happens when you quit (you all know that I love these). (note: the little craving stopper button doesn't seem to work, so not sure it's worth the download unless they fix it)

There is life after quitting smoking. In fact, there is probably even more life. Stop thinking about it and just give it a go. Jump in, the water is fine.


  1. Maggie- I am so glad you mentioned November 15, because it is a special day for my own personal quit. For years, I used to scoff at the "Great American Smokeout Challenge", thinking it was propaganda. Now that I have been smoke-free for a month, I want to shout from the highest mountain the need for everyone to stop smoking, even if it's only for a day. You are such an inspiration not only to Chantix users, but also anyone who might be contemplating a quit and afraid to take the first step. BTW - I am so glad you took out your "disclaimer"! LOL! You are doing such a great job with your quit and inspiring others to do the same! Without you and MamaFlo, I would have nowhere to go for support, so a big THANKS. Please wish me luck as I begin my 2nd month smoke-free - I have to admit that the past two days have been difficult (I've heard that month #2 can be harder than month #1). I'm suddenly itchy and cravings are giving me a pounding headache. Did you have a similar experience? Anyway- great post, and keep up with your quit!

  2. Hello Maggie

    Great reminder ... and healthy thought...thank you...

    I heard that there is link between Chantix and Stress ... have you heard about it?

    Another unofficial statistic on the health effects of smoking on heart estimated that half of smokers' first heart attacks are fatal. In other words, if you are smoking and you have a heart attack, you have only a fifty-fifty chance of survival. Between 75 and 80 percent of survivors stop smoking after their first heart attack.

  3. Proof that I'm a total brat: I used to puff like a madwoman on the Great American Smokeout day. Just to be....well an idiot I guess. There a couple of people very near and dear to me who are still smoking. Maybe they'll do it (although I doubt it).

  4. Bob, so glad you are doing so well. I have heard of itchy (Stan) from Chantix, and I've read about headaches. If it gets bothersome, I'd check it out with your doctor.

    Tips, I didn't experience any Chantix/stress connection, and I hadn't heard about it. I'd be curious to know more.

    Tasina, I was like you and Bob on the Smokeout thing for plenty of years.


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