Saturday, November 10, 2007

Super Sniffer

Today is Smoke-free Day 145. And Friday. Praise God.

Dear former self who used to inhale poison,

You, my little pal, were a stinky one. I know you thought that gums and perfumes and hand washing and hand lotion made it not be so, but I am more sure than ever that it was so because my sniffer has gone super, and I can smell a smoker from an aisle away. All this past week it's like the nasty smoke sniffer intensifier button has been pushed and turned this new feature on with full force. Smelling as I am now, this means others could smell you, and it did not smell good. Ever smell an ashtray? Yep, pretty much like that, but more stale in your hair and clothes and on your fingers. Ew. Your smoking fingers were the worst. The Chantix is long gone, and it's not always easy, but it's so very worth it, even just so that people cannot tell by smell if you have just left a certain area as they walk into it and want to gag. That's kind of creepy.

Love and non-stinky kisses,
Your current smoke-free self

Is it 5 yet?


  1. It continues to not be 5 - even here where it's 2 hours ahead of YOU....still not 5. That's wrong.

    Also I think I will always like the smell of FRESH smoke.

  2. It's bad. Real bad. I smell smokers and I think "Oh my god I can't believe I ever smell like that".

    We had to have smelled that way though, there is no way we did not.

    It's putrid and foul and I am not sure how I ever talked anyone into hanging out with me before I quit.

  3. I get on the elevator at the office and am horrified to know I held others captive in such an enclosed space. It's so bad...

  4. Hey there fellow non-smokers...
    I just started my first blog to help me stay on right track of becoming a non-smoker! For all the people who are blogging, I just posted my first blog. Feel free to check it and link me up to the Chantix network. I am at:

    I don't know how to decorate the space or anything yet. Right now I am just tryihg to keep busy and fill up my extra time from not smoking.
    I must agree with the super sniffer thing. It no wonder most places don't want to rent to smokers. Anyway, today is day seven on Chantix and I am getting ready for the weekend.

  5. Yep, scary what kind of stink we imposed on others.

  6. Hey Maggie! I noticed almost immediately that my sense of smell was improved. I immediately notice when others around me have been smoking, and believe me, they REEK! I have been smiling a little at myself, and thanking God that I no longer smell like that. It's amazing.

  7. Bob, so true. For me, my sense of smell continues to get stronger. At least as far as being able to smell smoke.


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