Friday, November 16, 2007

Tell a Friend

Today is Smoke-free Day 151.

Yesterday a co-worker told me with great joy that her daughter quit smoking two weeks ago. With Chantix. I'd mentioned to my walking ladies that I'd quit and that Chantix was such and incredible help and made quitting a million times easier (with my cooperation, of course). My co-worker wondered if what I was taking (Chantix) was the same as what her daughter had mentioned her own friend taking. It was. It sounds like the friend had some stomach issues with Chantix and didn't continue, but hearing about Chantix in stereo and all around, the daughter gave it a try. And it's working really well. She is having the kind of experience some have described where cigarettes started to taste awful (mine never did...) and where she has practically zero desire or cravings, so she's having an even better go of it than I or many of us have experienced. Good for her!

So, do tell a friend. Many friends. All of your friends. Nope, I won't nag, preach or otherwise harass or condescend any smoker (hate it when people do that, hate it), but I will just mention my own experience and the role Chantix played in my quit to smokers and non-smokers alike because you never know who will tell who from there. In this case, my good experience with Chantix made it seem worthwhile to someone to give it a try.

Disclaimer because the world is nutty anymore: As always, this is my own experience I share, and I am not a doctor. People considering taking Chantix should talk to a real doctor. I'm not one. I'm just a girl who smoked for 20+ years and loathed it while loving it for the last several of those years, and now I'm free.

Happy Great American Smokeout Challenge Day! I said it yesterday, but really, if you are thinking about it, go for it. You can do it just for one day.


  1. We had a "Wellness Fair" at work yesterday where our various health care providers sent reps to set up tables and casually talk to employees. There was also people from the local health clubs, hiking and outdoor clubs and a person from the American Cancer Society. She was promoting the smokeout and I mentioned that I had recently quit with Chantix. I was shocked that she had not heard of it. Really, I thought it had become commonplace in the quit and non-smoking community. Apparently not.

    Good luck to all the current and future quitters!

  2. I don't really know very many people smoke anymore. Well - I should qualify that...LOTS of my extended family members smoke, but I am not going to tell any of them anything!!! Too much drama. Hopefully they will notice me NOT smoking and I'll tell them how I did it. Actually one of my cousins posted a comment on my MySpace blog that she was shocked that I quit because it seemed like I've been smoking since I was born. How horrible is that????

  3. Chris, that's amazing that *the* quit smoking folks hadn't heard of Chantix. I know I hadn't until my friend told me, but I wasn't really thinking of ways to help people, or me, quit.

    Tasina, I get it. There are smokers I've not mentioned it to because I don't want to be pushy, but even mentioning to non-smokers that it exists means they might tell someone who could benefit.

  4. thought of you and your success when I heard about the smokeout on the radio this morning. be proud & keep it up!

  5. Thanks, Erin! Appreciate your thoughts.

  6. I just started taking Chantix this past Tuesday. It's stories like yours that make me think I'll be successful this time.



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