Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Menu

This past weekend Tom and I poked at each other a bit about the Thanksgiving menu. The old Maggie cooked almost exclusively out of boxes and cans. The new Maggie actually enjoys cooking and using fresh ingredients. Tom, bless his heart, enjoys our "traditional" fare of things like Stove Top Stuffing and Green Bean Casserole and isn't as interested in experimenting with new things like Green Bean Bundles *correction - going with these Green Bean Bundles instead* or Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes that sound so yummy to me on the big day. So, I'll be making some of the "old stuff" along with some of the new stuff, perhaps some dishes just on a smaller scale. For anyone super curious, I have my menu on Recipezaar so that I could keep track of it all. Yes, it's just the two of us. And my freezer. And Foodsaver. Yes, not ham but turkey because that's how we roll and because we can. Wait 'til I tell you about our Christmas plans.

While I'm on food, I meant to share this the other day, but I didn't. The other night I made homemade tortillas for the first time in my life for use in making Oven-Fried Chicken Chimichangas that were pure heaven and healthier than traditional versions, and even if the tortillas were a workout to roll out, they were really yummy and super cheap to make. Those were followed by Five Minute Fudge to make up for any good deed in the healthier version of chimichangas because life is about balance, you know, and I have to pass along any good stuff I try.

Four day weekends fill me with indescribable joy. I hope everyone has wonderful holidays and smoke-free for those of us on that bus, maybe even those who aren't. I'll probably still be posting (NaBloPoMo, and all), but it might not be much depending on whether I'm to full to type.


  1. Maggie......I see your doing the 365 thing I have thought about it. My cousin is doing something similar but she post pictures. Your supposed to take a pic a day. I thought hers was kool. But I love what your doing. I may try it myself!!!!


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