Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Theories Are Fun

Today is Smoke-free Day 163.

Theories are fun. Yesterday I theorized that the increased frequency and strength of my "tuggings" to smoke (not as strong as urges, certainly not even approaching craving status) over the glorious and wonderful long weekend may have been due, in part, to the idea that it truly was a long weekend (4 days=heaven!), which translates to "me time," and historically (see links in yesterdays post) that, in turn, has translated into wanting to smoke because I just damn well felt like it over there in Me Mode, thank you very much.

That's all cute and probably has some serious kernels of reality and good theorizing mixed in there on weekend days, but this morning happens to be Tuesday and not part of a weekend (so painful, yet so true), and I *still* find myself taking some deeper breaths and romanticizing death by stinky poison (crazy, crazy, crazy, nutty, silly, crazy, addict, crazy) before I remind myself that I chose to quit smoking and that this is not punishment (a post that I'm glad I wrote because I needed to see it again this morning - if you happen to get something out of it, that's cool, too, but I just made my own day easier).

So I'm updating my theory. It's not anything new, really, but it goes like this:

Addiction to cigarettes/smoking is insidious. I'm not out of the woods yet. I'm still walking that way (out) and not smoking, and that's what counts. Thankfully, overall, really and truly, it is much easier than at that start, but there are still tough stretches sometimes. There just are. Just because it's insidious. Besides 20+ years as a die-hard smoker vs. 5 months trying not to be, well, you do the Maggie Math. There have been a handful of us that have stumbled of late, and it's simply because addiction is not an easy thing to beat, doesn't go away immediately and is crazy easy to get sucked right back into, too. I'm still pulling for all of us to make it, stumble or no stumble, back on the Chantix or not.

So, yep, the insidiousness theory, but one day at a time, just until bedtime, we can all do this.


  1. Good post Maggie. Insidious is the word of the day says I.

  2. Good post.

    That is the thing that gets to me.

    Something that we know is killing us but we still have thoughts of going back to it. Nicotine is one powerful drug!

    Too bad Chantix doesn't just wipe your mind of you ever that would be a miracle pill.

  3. Hey Maggie it worked great on my first quit day lol even though I had those last two cigarettes it was like my final good bye..

    I enjoyed them with one last cup of coffe btw I haven't drank coffee since either lol :)

    it didn't bother me to be truthful I did not care! :D

    Hugs and thanks again for all your support!!

  4. John, yep, insidious. Said it again ;)

    Amen, Dicenzo. Chantix is good, but still requires cooperation.

    Babs, so glad to hear that you are on your way!

  5. I'm still stumbling along with you Maggie!

    I understand your posts completely. :)


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