Saturday, November 17, 2007


Today is Smoke-free Day 152. And it's Friday. Life is good.

I am no longer prisoner to an addiction that required me to stop what I was doing every 1 - 2 hours to go light up, and the ways that translates into real life activities without interruption is really something. In particular as the holidays approach things like seeing a movie, sitting through a long holiday dinner (not that I'll be going anywhere, but if I did...), taking a flight (again, I'm not, but if I were...), doing a big cooking spree requiring constant attention to burners - all of these are activities that used to be accompanied by the endless nagging in my mind thinking about how soon it would be over so that I could smoke. I hated that feeling. I loved smoking, but I hated the addiction part of the whole deal. I loved that Chantix helped with the craving thing even early on so that this feeling of freedom started sooner rather than later into my quit.

Now, I get lost in time doing things I enjoy because I don't need to come up for air poison, and even the things I don't love as much aren't made worse by also not being able to smoke when I'd about kill to be able to do so.


  1. Ok. I agree with the whole quitting is good. You know I do. I hope I never lapse ever again. But in the interest of full disclosure, I did a lot of good refocusing and thinking while pacing back and forth in front of an ashtray. Obviously, I need to find a DIFFERENT way to take a break and refresh my brain because even if I did get back on track, it's not worth the coughing and poison and freezing and basic dunderheadedness (this is a word)!!

  2. I so hear you, your words resonate so strongly in my mind! Our lives have definitely gained quality big time, after we quit. I really doubt you'll ever want to trade it for what used to be before.
    I'm glad you're realizing how much this quitting means on a micro level. What I have to learn from you is to keep remembering that as I go on with my day.

  3. The quitting is good! I've realised how little I am thinking about smoking. No anxiety about airports with no place to light up unless you walk outside and then have to come back through security. The airport in Paris didn't afford this option, but I didn't need it! I do have a thought here and there, but most of my thinking is productive now. (not all, never all) I can work through a problem with no interruption for my 'fix'. A new kind of freedom. With all of this, I still have to make a conscious decision each morning - I'm not going to smoke. Odd huh?

  4. I also love the freedom of not being a slave to going outside every hour or two. Sherri, I can definetly relate to the airport thing. Running through the airport, trying to go back through security and make my way to the gate my flight is leaving from was definetly a challange. I used to book flights with LONG layovers on purpose. Go figure....I am feeling better today. It is day seven for me. I think it will be downhill from here. Happy Thanksgiving and I am grateful that I am not smoking.

  5. Tasina, I do miss taking breaks, but I don't miss feeling like I'd die if I didn't. I totally get what you mean.

    Stan, yep, I'm very micro this quit, and it's working for me ;)

    Sherri, airports used to be the worst. Now I won't care.

    Ms Diva, continued good luck!


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