Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Who's Counting

Today is Smoke-free Day 141. It's also 20 weeks since the morning I woke up on Chantix Day 13 and decided to be all done smoking. That's pretty cool. I totally get why a lot of fellow Chantix bloggers are no longer counting the days quit, but as long as I still get a little thrill each day from it like I do, I'll be counting. We all have our own little tricks and our own ways of walking along this path, and as long as we all end up non-smokers (though those who used to smoke), well, we all get where we are going. There is no right or wrong way.

I told Tom yesterday that at certain moments most days, I would give just about anything if I could smoke without consequence (not possible) and that at some moments, even now, it's still so damn hard. He said that it's an accomplishment each day I don't smoke and is a big deal and that he is proud of me (have I mentioned that I am in *L-O-V-E* with this dear man?). Truthfully, as hard as certain moments are, overall the vast majority of my days are not like that for more than less than one minute. That little less than a minute moment just seems pretty strong while it's going on and makes me forget about all those other moments when the day is just fine. Also, yes, on the one hand each day really is a big deal, but on the other hand, I'm really just doing what any sane and normal person does naturally without thought (you know, not willingly suck poison into his or her body), but then I pat myself on the back and count how many days since I smartened up and did something about it. Kind of silly. Not in a bad way, just in a silly what works for me kind of way.


  1. congratulations! i know how hard it is to quit smoking. i've done it a couple of times. i finally quit, for good, after i got pregnant with my littlest one, over 4 years ago. i had quit for my other two pregnancies and then started again when my divorce was final. but, i fall off the wagon, now and again...always get back on though! so...good for you!!!

  2. Hi Maggie-

    Kudos to you for continuing the good work !! I dropped in and left a note over at JD/Kim page, hard to believe it has been almost a year.

  3. SimplePleasures, so good to hear that you have been able to make it happen.

    Paul, many thanks. Yes, already a year. Hard to believe. Hope folks will be just a bit safer this year.

  4. I'm still counting my days too Maggie, but I don't know for how long. Right now though, it gives me a little inspiration.

    You're lucky to have such a supportive husband. Mine quit smoking easily 2 1/2 years ago cold turkey and thinks that everybody can quit as easy as he did. :( NOT!


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