Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why I Don't Do Math

Today is Smoke-free Day 156.

Yesterday's post is *exactly* why I don't do math. June 18 to November 18 (or 19 even) simply does not equal 6 months. It equals 5 months, even with the new math rules, and even if it was early May that I made the appointment that it took a month to get in order to get the Chantix. And while 5 months is still totally awesome in every way, I felt pretty darn silly when the smart math people commented asking (nicely, of course, because you are all so nice to me) if I could do basic addition.

Good, maybe when it really is 6 months I'll feel more like it has been 6 months because it didn't really feel like 6 months.

We'll do this all again on December 18th (one day at a time between today and then). It will be a Tuesday.

Thanks for playing! ;)


  1. Hah! I didn't even think about it! That's funny. Well good luck anyway.

  2. Wait - you were just testing *us*, right?

  3. Math sucks. But you don't suck in cigarette smoke. Therefore, Maggie is inherently greater than math.

    I'm just sayin'. Is all!


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