Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wind, Rain, Poison, Linky Loo

Today is Smoke-free Day 148. I quit smoking 21 weeks ago. Thank you, Chantix. Sometimes I'm still amazed. Today is one of those days.

Outside the weather is just craziness. Wind, rain, downed trees, snarled traffic, the works. Just running between home to car and car to office was an exercise in tucking in any body part that could fit into a pocket (no hood - silly me) because it just feels miserable. I remember this time last year. Vividly. It used to irritate me when the weather was like this because just standing under something to smoke didn't work when the rain was blowing sideways and threatening to extinguish my little poison treat, the same little treat that seemed such a nice reward for braving the elements. When the weather was really and truly just bad enough, I'd try to postpone a smoke until it looked just a tad better out there, but then all I could do in the interim was to keep thinking about whether it was time yet and driving myself nic fit crazy.

Me, with jaw agape during this revelation: I can't remember the last time I even had an actual full-blown nic fit. Wow. More amazed.

As soon as I walked out this morning, it occurred to me how ridiculous I was as a smoker. Go stand in the wind and rain, get all cold and wet, and do this just for the sole purpose of sucking poison into your body. In an hour, do it again. Rinse and repeat. All day long. Like a good little lunatic addict. Good riddance.

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  • Diva in da Chantix House - Leslie's blog. Leslie started working on quitting smoking before starting Chantix and officially quit completely on November 11, 2007.


  1. I'm sure I'm going to feel the same way when the temperature starts dipping here. The building where I work is a rectangle with doors on the long sides. Last winter I would go out the back door, light up, walk as slow as I could stand in the freezing weather, puff madly, make my way around to the front door, put out the cig and go back in. I must have looked like a lunatic.

  2. We had this kind of weather Saturday and it was sad to see the huddled, smoking masses outside the local watering hole. Ha! Not me!

  3. Oh my God Maggie, you had me laughing my ass off this morning!
    I can so relate to trying to figure out when, where and how difficult is was going to be to ingest my daily poision! I am beginning to the see the total insanity in the whole addiction. I mean, this is one of the reasons I am fed up and am willing to deal with the uncomfortability of withdrawl to have a better quality of life which includes not having to get up every hour to figure out where and when I would smoke!
    I am on day two and had a couple desires while drinking coffee, but no big deal. I know many of you guys live in areas where it snows and rains...I thought I had it bad in Southern California! I cannot imagine dealing with rain and snow on a daily basis, but then again, as an addict you learn to do what you have to do to feed your addiction. Wish me luck on day two. I am going to go to the mall to hang out with the non-smokers today!

    Ps. Thanks for the link add.

  4. I am seriously proud of you for quiting smoking. It's an incredibly hard thing to do I've been told. I am still hoping that one day my Dad will decide to jump on the quitting bandwagon. GREAT job and you should be proud of yourself. :D

  5. Maggie I just read this and I had to laugh and think to myself oh how true standing in the rain snow and blow as my friend says just to smoke. suck in poison. thank goodness its over for us both......Keep up the great work. Your are truely awesome!!!!

  6. Great post, Maggie! I remember the times I would stand in a pouring rain with an umbrella over my head trying to protect my precious cigarette. I also remember times when I was so desperate to smoke, I forgot all about the umbrella and just dodged the raindrops. Either way, I have to admit that I'm much happier now (even though it's turning colder here in Dull-a-where). Now I can stay inside with a cup of hot chocolate and feel sorry for the poor addicts who are still smoking out on their porches, ignoring the elements.

  7. Sounds like I am not the only one ;) So very glad that chapter is in the past, and great timing headed into winter, too!


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