Friday, November 30, 2007

Yay! (Warning: Early Holiday Cheer)

Today is Smoke-free Day 165.

I have no real particular reason to be in a good mood today, but I am. It's early, but we put up our fake tree last night (yes, I live in the Northwest where we are kind of known for the real trees - call me a cheapskate or rebel or even giggle and stretch it to environmentalist if you don't know how obnoxious I am in real life about that kind of thing or whatever sounds good), and then put on all the ornaments, which we then had to remove because we hadn't yet put the lights on the tree. After the twisted up bundle of lights were untangled and on the tree, back on with the ornaments. You know, adult kinds like Hello Kitty, Spider Man, Yoda, that kind of thing. Whatever, it put me in a good mood that lasted through the night apparently.

I say all that because I don't want to talk about the idea that the increased tuggings of the past handful of days might still be here this morning, even with my exceptionally good mood. I kind of think they are, those little tuggers. But I'm sort of tired of it now, and I don't really want to think too much about it, so I won't. I'm still busy remembering things like how thrilled I am not to be standing in the rain that could turn to snow at some point this week (sadly, probably not on a work day) and how thankful I am that Chantix coupled with my cooperation and follow through probably gives me a better shot at even more Christmas seasons to enjoy. And I do enjoy because I focus on the parts of it that mean something to me while mostly successfully disregarding the parts that don't - that's just my strategy so that I don't feel as miserable as I know lots of folks do amid both the hype and melancholy that seem to swirl to the point of nauseousness this time of year. It helps that Tom and I are each approximately 4 years old this time of year, too. And that there is such thing as eggnog lattes. And Santa.

I remembered to soak the damn beans last night, so if all goes according to plan, and since there's been a request, I will share the results of the Calico Bean Soup Recipe made from the Calico Bean Soup Mix - if it works and tastes yummy, it could make a very nice little gift that can be appreciated (by recipients something like me, I guess) without costing too much.


  1. Thanks for the Early Holiday Cheer warning. ;-) I'm no Scrooge but I sure don't (yet?) share your enthusiasm for the holiday. Well, maybe just a little.

    Thanks for soaking the "damn beans." I've been thinking about what to bake as give-aways and your bean soup seemed a possible winner so I hope it turns out great.

  2. The bean soup sounds great. Don't forget to review it for us.

  3. Well, here in the south we do our "soup beans" regularly. And oh I hate it when I forget to soak the beans. lol

    Hang in there with those tuggings Maggie. I get them too. In fact at times I really crave one of those nasty, stinky, yucky smokey thingys.

  4. Oh my, the recipe sounds great! Sues is correct, there are some of us that love soup beans. I just love beans. I might make the following alterations from your recipe, remove the garbonzo's (only 'cause I don't care for them) and use minced garlic in place of the powder. Then fix cornbread and have some chopped onion nearby to sprinkle on top. Yuuuuuummm yuummmmm

  5. Maggie......I too put up a "fake" tree. I just can't deal with all the mess of a real tree not to mention the last time we got one that dang thing was so crooked I had to put a string around it and tie it to the wall so it looked straighter. Had to put it in some kind of bucket so it wouldn't spill. was too much to deal with. So the hubs bought me the tree I wanted the next year a t lowes. It is I believe 7 or 8 foot and it is a pencil tree. I will post a pic of it soon on my blog.
    Glad your getting in the holiday cheery mood. I am too!!!

  6. Thanks, all! I'll be posting about the damn beans today, and I'm glad we are all smoke-free with at least another one of us in the holiday spirit ;)


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