Saturday, November 03, 2007

Zero Lives Saved

Today is Smoke-free Day 138.

The blood letting yesterday turned into a huge disappointment. I didn't pass out, but I was also there over two hours only to not be able to squeeze out enough blood for them to use - almost enough, but just not quite enough. I still wonder if it's because I was about 20 minutes in before someone told me I was supposed to be squeezing the squeezy thing about every 5 seconds - would it have mattered? So it was two hours of white knuckled scary (because I'm a chicken who hates blood and needles or knowing they are coming before they do) and zero lives saved instead of three lives or any lives since they had to toss out my attempt. By the end, I was actually more frazzled than normal folks would be, so I went out to my car, and I had a little melt down and cried with more emotion than any of it really deserved, and then I had a big dinner and Halloween candy followed by falling asleep early on the couch, all of which restored and replenished my mind and body, in my mind, anyway. I'll be trying again in early January. They get one more chance.

I'm so proud of all of you who so selflessly do this on a regular basis. I'll keep trying.

As frazzled and upset as I was, it didn't even occur to me to smoke. And I can assure you that back in the bad old days after spending over 2 hours in hell, lighting up would have been the first thing on my mind. That's progress.

Of all the drugs listed in the materials given before giving blood, Chantix isn't even mentioned, so it must be fine to donate while on it or shortly after being on it, and if my next blood giving attempt also accomplishes nothing, I can at least feel good knowing that someone I've told about Chantix might also find the success I have with it, so in a more round about way, that's a life saved, too, since I feel it helped save mine. OK, I feel better.


  1. Hey it's cool you tried. But maybe you could do your giving in a less stressful way? I understand the need for blood, but it shouldn't be torture. Maybe you could work to encourage others to give. I can't give blood, but I worked at a few blood drives in college and grad school.

  2. Oh - you poor thing; I'm sorry about the whole affair. Excessive time, frustration, white knuckles and melt downs are not supposed to be part of the deal. You are a trouper!


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