Wednesday, December 19, 2007

6 Months (Really)

Today is Smoke-free Day 184.

I know that back about, well, a month ago, I kind of jumped the gun and thought it was 6 months since I quit smoking, but back then it was actually only 5 months. This time, it really is 6 months.

Today has been absolutely nuts, and when I re-read the post I posted in error that day a month ago, it sounded pretty much exactly where I am today, so I'm "recycling" it instead of posting nothing, which was my other option for today.
Yesterday was 6 months since I quit smoking back on June 18, 2007. Lots of thoughts occurred to me in the shower this morning ranging from "wow, 6 months is a chunk" to "wow, and there are still moments I'd like to smoke." Don't get me wrong, I've said the same a million times, it's still way better now day to day than it was at the start in the early Chantix and just post Chantix days, and I can remember my last real meltdown. It will be awhile probably before I'm comfortable around certain triggers, and I'll take my time. I just really, really want this to stick this time for good. I don't ever want to have to go through the whole quitting smoking thing again, even if Chantix and fellow bloggers made it a much easier path. I still hold with the thought that this process, like most in my life, actually, is not a straight line from "hard/difficult/bad" headed diagonally up on a graph to "easy/no problem/who me? I used to smoke?" and that there are peaks and valleys, ups and downs, all along this worthy path, still always headed in that direction even when it appears that there are minor downturns. Lately, the downturns have become fewer and further, and I'm delighted and thankful for all of my fellow Chantix bloggers.
Yep, all still the same. Today I'm too busy to devote much time to thinking about the fact that I used to smoke. Sometimes too busy isn't too bad of a thing.


  1. Maggie,
    Congratulations on your "For real" six months of being off cigarettes. I hope to one day post the same thing! Six months free of cigarettes! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Just think of all the money and time you have saved. Any big reward planned?

  2. Congrats to you Maggie......what an accomplishment!!!!
    Keep it up.....No more poison!!!

    I looked today and I am 21 weeks smoke free!!! so that put me at a lil over 5 months!!
    Go Me and you!!!

    PS.......If I forget to tell you next week
    "Merry Smoke Free Christmas"

  3. ooohhhhh, well, let's see! i really like this new maggie! thank you for being there, being who you are, and being a very refined role model for so many people out there!

    ok, can we eat cake now? after you blow out the six candles? you in a baking mood by any chance? if you are/will be this weekend, you should totally have a little new cake for your new self who is 6 months old! with six candles!! and pictures posted please!!

  4. Wow!!! Congrats on 6 months Maggie! Whoo Hoo!!! You go girl!

    I'm still two behind you but I'm catching up. lol

    You've been quit for 6 months but I wonder how many people during that time were able to quit smoking because of your inspiration and support. You've been a big help to me and I'm sure many!

    Thanks and congratulations again!

  5. Woooo Hoooo.

    Right behind you. Jan 2nd and I am there!

  6. Maggie:

    Congrats!!! Hopefully I'll be there around the end of June, but I have to quit first, lol.

    Thanks for the comments you left yesterday. I would love to be listed on your blog. I'm having a terrible time trying to find my way around, and finding other posts. Your blog is the only way I know how to find other Chantix bloggers ;-)

    Also, how do you list those blogs? Is there a setting in our accounts to link to them, or did you have to use html links in your profile?

    Congrats again!!!

  7. Thank you all so much! So many of you have inspired me along the way because you've shared your own experiences and also reached out to me. There really is something incredible about knowing there are others on the same path. Whether you are a bit ahead or a few steps behind, we'll all get there, and that's what matters.

  8. Congratulations, Way to go, Stupendous, Awesome - so many more adjectives I could send your way. You are doing wonderfully! Not getting around to reading as often as I was, but still checking in weekly.

    I see Stan hasn't dropped off the face of the earth even though I've not see a post on his blog lately (nudge nudge)

  9. Amen - I get so busy I forget to think about it. Whole days pass by before I go "O - I haven't thought about smoking."

    Congratulations on Half A Year!


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