Saturday, December 15, 2007


Today is Smoke-free Day 180.

I love giggling about as much as I did when I was about 11 (and if you've ever been around 11 year old girls, you need to explanation). Turns out that the Chantix GetQuit folks agree with me.
I still loosely follow the GetQuit progam (meaning I turn up at the website once in awhile and read the new stuff). As I've said pretty much all along, I find some things helpful, some things more corny than helpful, but certainly there is no harm. Whatever little bit of help and support I can get is a good thing for someone like me that still doesn't do smoky situations even almost 6 months quit, still having both great days and sometimes not so great days. The daily checking in emails from GetQuit went from daily at the start (which I kind of liked because each day I found an odd satisfaction clicking the button saying I didn't smoke), then to a couple times a week at the end of the 12 weeks on Chantix, and then to fewer and further between so that now I think they are about once a week (not quite sure - seems I've missed some weeks or just don't remember the topics).

This week, the message was about finding humor in life and laughing. I suppose they mention it because it is a great coping strategy, but I've never been one to have any trouble laughing at myself or the rest of the silly and crazy world full of fools.

What the good GetQuit folks didn't mention is how absolutely thrilled and delighted I am that I can laugh my ever loving tooshie completely off in peels of giggles until my stomach hurts and my eyes are full of tears and I'm unable to speak or barely even breathe and have eggnog latte coming out of both nostrils (OK, not really that - too wasteful), but... doesn't all have to end with a really nasty and very uncomfortable coughing fit.

I've talked about it before plenty, but the joy of laughter and my re-claimed ability to do it with the kind of gusto I believe real laughter deserves has to be one of my top favorite things about my brand new life as a non-smoker. Guess that's because I'm a giggler from way back.


  1. Laughing is gloriously wonderful and brightens even the gloomiest day.
    I wish I had more funny, happy people in my life.

    Your Quit is inspiring Maggie - keep it up and thanks for being my friend.

  2. Maggie, I don't know how many times I've laughed out loud reading your blog. Or many other Chantix-quitters' blogs. But the Chantix site itself? No. I still say that the Chantix bloggers were far more helpful than the Get Quit computer program ever was.

    You rock!!! You continue to rock! Just thought you ought to know that. ;)

  3. Thank you, MamaFlo, and I agree!

    Thanks, Bay! Good to see you!


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