Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Survived Girly Night In

Today is Smoke-free Day 178.

Tom doesn't go out much, so it's really rare for me to have a whole night to myself to just be a girl. Don't get me wrong. I miss him when he is gone because I actually like him, and I hear every little noise with super suspicion, but I do still enjoy just doing my thing once in awhile all by my little lonesome (well, with the meow-faces). Historically, this has been wrapped into my whole "me time" thing where smoking was much a part of the night and seemed guilt-free since there was no one to see how often I lit up or do that nose thing at the stench when I came back inside. In fact, not once, but *twice* I've ended decent-sized non-smoking streaks on such Girly nights. Once was the "big one" after quitting for my longest at well over a year (quite a few years back) and another time (last November, I think) was after about 2 or 3 months quit or something. I suppose having "Girly Night" is almost as much a trigger for me as alcohol (and casinos, particularly me in Reno, where I'm still not sure we will go in February), but not only did I make it through the night no problem, I even had fun and look forward to next time.

In honor of my big night, I made this yummy little menu (update 12/16/07 - pictures here) for myself (all simple and non-Tom things but all stuff I love: avocado, tofu, pears - next time including the zucchini), worked some more on Christmas surprises that have sort of swallowed my existence lately but that I cannot discuss because one certain beloved family member does read (will share with all after Christmas if I remember or if a curious someone asks), and then my dear friend J called, so we talked for about 3 hours. He was recently traveling on business in Puerto Rico and came oh, so close to lighting up, but he didn't. Smart, smart guy. He survived, I survived, today we both have happy cilia (been awhile since my favorite topic of the freedom of the cilia), and life after Chantix is good for both of us. And lots of you all, too, which is beyond won-tacular!

Oh, and Santa's coming soon, even earlier to our house the night of the 21st because he likes us best and because we are both 3 year olds without (sadly) our own 3 year olds.


  1. Yeah for you Maggie!!!!!
    Sounds like your Holiday Season and 2008 are shaping up to be pretty darn spectacular. You deserve all the best in life because you have been there for me and so many other people through the roughest decision some of us have made in our adult lives. Yes that's probably me.

    I'm still having a rough bout and these are lots more than tuggings - here's to hoping it settles down some.

    Thanks for being there Maggie - I really appreciate you.

  2. Hey Maggie! Congratulations for making it through a Girly Night without smoking. We all have triggers - I guess it's good when we recognize them and try to stay smoke-free while we're in them. I'm impressed with your menu - I'm not much of a tofu fan, but the avocado dish and pear dessert sound great! My stomach is growling just thinking about it. Keep it up, Maggie - you're an inspiration!

  3. Very good job with your girly night and not smoking. Whenever I have a girly night with Tina I smoke way too many cigarettes and half the time the non-smoking Tina has one or two. Oh, and pears sound so yummy now I'll probably go get some soon. Speaking of Christmas, what do you want this year from me? Let me know. Hey have you been reading my blog lol?

  4. Our big Girly night is tomorrow and while I'm not too concerned about making it through that one, I'm very worried about Friday night. We're suppose to go out with friends for a good friend's birthday and it's the whole bar and drinking scene. I haven't decided if I'm strong enough to go yet. That and the last time I drank a beer was the night before I quit and the Chantix made me pretty buzzed half way through the one beer.

  5. MamaFlo, thank you, and I'm glad you are hanging tough!

    Bob, thank you, too, and the avocado was a dream. Really, so simple, too. It's almost silly it never occurred to me.

    Nephew of mine, pears are good, cigarettes aren't, and for Christmas I'd love it if you were ready to quit smoking (you didn't say I had to pick something likely).

    Lynda, good luck to you! My night staying in and *not* going out was one thing, but going out is a whole other. I don't do that in smoky places yet. I'm simply not ready.

    Thanks, Nathan! I'm a happy girl.


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