Saturday, December 22, 2007

More Busy, More Not Smoking

Today is Smoke-free Day 187.

More busy (like yesterday extended a day), more not smoking, more breathing and being OK - it all continues today. I woke up with an odd cough that I hadn't felt since I can't even remember (actually, I can - back somewhere early Chantix days around June or so), but it went away as soon as it started, so that's a nice thing. Even if it turned into a cold or some other unpleasantness, at least today I know I didn't cause it by smoking. Simple things bring my heart much joy, and not ruining my health so deliberately puff by puff is one of those simple things. Happy. Joy.

Back to busy. Again. Santa comes tonight (we are special). Then no more busy for several glorious and won-tacular days. Well, other than cooking all that goodness tomorrow. I love early Christmas.


  1. I wanna come to your house if you have early christmas I just wanna get it over with this year!!!

  2. I just found out my son is getting games tonight from Bret's mom for the Leapster that he's not getting until next Wednesday when we're back in town. Now I'm trying to decide if we need to have our Christmas tomorrow morning. Ugh.

    By the way - I'd love to be added to your list of links.

  3. So,what did you get and what did you give? Was Christmas Great or what?

    The cough may be your cilia starting to heal.......imagine that, your lungs are repairing themselves.

    Congrats on another day Maggie!


  4. Hooray for early Christmas! Niels and I celebrated ours in Savannah back on the 15th. I keep seeing Christmas gift commercials and thinking, "But Christmas is past..." Not quite! Happiest of Holidays, Maggie.

  5. Tabatha, it's all over out this way, but it's odd that the world hasn't caught up with us yet ;)

    Lynda, next time I post, you'll be added. Not sure how I missed linking to you!

    MamaFlo, it was wonderful here. My favorites are all the cooking related goodies I got. Thankfully, my little cough went away, but if I keep cooking, my butt will grow more...

    Hey, Danielle, good to see you my wanderer buddy! Ha, yep, it's funny to me that Christmas isn't over yet for other people.


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