Sunday, December 02, 2007

Not in a Yurt

Today is Smoke-free Day 167.

Right now, we were supposed to be on the road headed for camping in a yurt, like in this recent Oregonian article about the Yonderful Yurt that a co-worker gave me from the paper knowing how excited we were. We've been wanting to do this for some time, especially since we never did get any camping in this past summer. We were all excited, everything was reserved, plans were made involving bratwurst and campfires and Scrabble (OK, not Scrabble, since he won't play with me anymore because I whoop that ass). Then they forecast snow. Supposedly it's falling now if you look at current conditions, but looking out the window, it's actually not. Nary a whisper of a flake. Still, since there is a mountain between us and our empty yurt, and since I'm a "the safety girl" but with crappy rear-wheel drive in a car that's useless in winter and no chains, it's not worth it, even if the bastards won't refund the $36 because I just tried to cancel or re-schedule 2 days prior instead of 3 days prior. I don't think it's an Oregon Parks thing but a Reserve America thing - apparently reservations for most state and federal (and some private) parks go through Reserve America (no, I'm too mad to link to them), and those reserving are subject to their crazy $6 reservation fee, their clunky and flawed website (like how my reservation never showed up in my account because that happens a lot, though no one is sure just why), and their ridiculously inflexible policies. I knew I was taking a chance when I made the reservation. It's the policy. I know. I know. I still think it sucks. I took a chance that it wouldn't snow since it usually doesn't, and they don't have to be accommodating because as long as they are who state and federal parks use for reservations, it's not like campers have any choice at all other than to use them. They win. We lose. This time we lost even more than usual.

I'm not a happy camper, unfortunately, but fortunately, I'm still a non-smoker and won't go smoke out my frustration out in the cold that's not snowing like I would have been doing. I suppose the day isn't entirely ruined. Perspective and all that, right? I'll just stay caught up with my fellow Chantix bloggers, have another egg nog latte, wait to see if it snows and work on acting like a growed up about the whole thing instead of continuing my little tantrum.


  1. Maggie, you are so cute when you're angry! ;-)

    Actually, I completely sympathize with you - I have been on the receiving end of some really stupid policies before, too. The thing that is most frustrating is that many times, the person you talk to could be a nice person and just refund the money. But often they're on a "power trip" and enjoy their little piece of the power chain. Two years ago, I studied in France for 5 months, and it's even worse there. I won't even go there, because my blood will start to boil and there's no sense in BOTH of us being angry!

    Hope you can salvage your weekend, and congrats on avoiding smoking during this stressful situation!

  2. "Yurt" I love that!! It sounds so Dr. Seuss. I really wish you would have done your whole post in Dr. Seuss prose.

  3. Bob, I'm still managing to enjoy myself ;) I think the woman I talked to wanted to help but couldn't, so I went easier on her than otherwise...

    Tasina, I tried over on your blog. It didn't really sound so Suessy to me, though...

  4. Hi Mggie thanks for posting on my blog and yes please link me. So sorry your trip was a bust. Somtimes I think they do that crap to make some extra cash. My daighter would love you so much. She is 20 and is the biggest litty fan. She is in her first apartment and just got a tree and I bought her her first kitty ornament for it. I just crocheted her an afghan with all Kitty's colors and she loved it. Almost 3 weeks here tomorrow. Congrats on handling your stress and not giving in.


  5. I have to agree with Bob on his comment to this post..
    Glad you didn't smoke out your fustrations maggie.. which I know you wouldn't anyways .. federal parks.. federal & state taxes on smokes? you'd just be giving them more of your precious money!

    Glad you still enjoyed yourself this weekend!

  6. Hi there...I just learned all about Yurts as my school has been working on a grant to get a Yurt to use as classroom space. We had to hold off until next year but some of them are absolutly gorgous. We do this program called "Council" and the Yurt would be cool for it. A lady I worked with went to training in the OJAI mountains and camped in a Yout! Sure beats a Marlboro Miles tent! LOL

    I hope you can schedule another trip. I cannot imagine camping in the cold in Oregon. Perhaps when it is warmer. I am wimpy..I admit it!

  7. No Friggin' Way! Yurts have been such a commonality in the region I grew up and lived in till 20 y.o.! I actually have been to Mongolia - the country that originated yurts. The Central Eurasian region was all pretty much nomadic, so yurts are everywhere. So anyways, when I saw you were going to go to a yurt, I almost choked, as it is NOT a 4-letter word I expected to see on the Maggie's Mind blog. Do they also have a very low table that you have to sit on the floor to use? and some hot tea in a small bowl kind of cup? Just remember not to pour the cup full - it's rude; by not filling it up all the way, you want the guest to stay by hoping he'll need more tea. Oh, and also the guest ALWAYS gets a cooked goat head in a yurt. Well, at least in Central Asia. And it is EXTREMELY rude to not eat it. Oh, and sometimes they offer goat lungs filled with milk, as a special treat. :P Yurts and nomads are FUN!

  8. Sherri, you've been linked ;)

    Babs, sadly, without refund, they did get my money, but I just didn't get my damn yurt :(

    Mz Diva, yurts really do seem pretty cool and like they would fit in nicely for your school.

    Stan, wow, who knew? I *loved* your yurt perspective! I think I'll pass on the delicacies, but I do love the thought of all things yurt.


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