Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Progress (and Some Cheer)

Today is Smoke-free Day 190.

I'm smack dab in the middle of a long and glorious and wonderful and happy and blissful 4-day weekend (the world needs more of these), and I'm not even doing my usual long weekend "me-time" wanting to smoke thing that has plagued me so many times since quitting (sometimes even just on regular all too short weekends). It's like I forgot again for a bit that I used to smoke. I'm delighted. I like it when I have stretches like this sometimes.

Merry Christmas to me. Here, please enjoy this no agony involved smoke-free day and a set of pinker lungs. Enjoy! Love, Santa and Me!

Hope all of my fellow Chantix bloggers, non-Chantix bloggers, used to Chantix bloggers, never blogged or took Chantix readers and everyone else have a Super Merry Christmas. Our Christmas was over Saturday morning, but we still have leftovers, and I'm still playing with my new toys and still have just enough spirit left for approximately one more day, so it all works out.


  1. Did Santa bring everything you wanted????
    I will know tomorrow if santa brought what I asked for.

    Merry Christmas Maggie!!!

  2. Tabatha, I was a lucky girl. Lots of cooking stuff, and I actually wanted it, too! Hope your Christmas was wonderful, too.


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