Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Today is Smoke-free Day 169.

I suppose it was the right decision not to go camping in our yurt as planned because weather conditions did get pretty nasty in areas between us and it. No sense taking risks, especially this time of year when outcomes can be tragic. Even though the $36 is long gone, $0 refundable (still irate), and even though I shouldn't have, I have reserved another yurt in another park for another time. I almost could have let it go, content to not stay in a yurt anytime soon, until Stan (or Stan here) left comments all giddy about yurts and how they relate to goat lungs filled with milk (?), and I got all excited about wanting to try it again (the yurt itself, not so much the traditional delicacies, but thanks anyway). The next location we will attempt is not quite as far and doesn't include some of the same topography along the trek, so fingers crossed we won't get freezing rain or something crazy that weekend that would require me to feel like I'm emptying my wallet into a Honey Bucket. Again.

For now, it's just regular Oregon rain in copious amounts. There are puddles within puddles, and everything is just plain wet, wet, wet, sometimes with some wind to make sure you get soaked all around for the full effect. As I've mentioned previously, our apartment complex has a policy requiring folks to stand away from the buildings to smoke, so smoking inside or even just outside are both not options (well, not allowed to be, anyway). Somehow I just found out about it around the time I quit, so it wasn't an issue for me. Over this weekend and including this morning, though, I kept having to just bite my tongue (rare, I know) as I drove past the soggy smokers, feeling bad that they probably haven't heard of Chantix and may or may not yet even be ready to quit smoking. While I will still absolutely mention Chantix if it comes up or to people I know so that they can spread the word to (or just irritate) smokers they know that might want to quit, I draw the line at randomly informing smokers I don't know that it's bad for them or that Chantix even exists. Of all the things I didn't like about smoking (well, in between loving it, I guess), annoying holier-than-thou know-it-all people who just *couldn't resist* stating the obvious were at the top of the list, pretty close to the prospect of lung ailments, actually. (Smoking? Bad for me? You don't say. Well, my oh my, I guess I'd better quit right now then. Thank you for sharing the secret with me.) It could be a long and waterlogged winter for these folks. I hope some of them have a friend who knows about Chantix and tells them about it.

Meanwhile, I'll be nice and dry dreaming of the yurt in my future and not listening to random strangers chastising me for my addiction as if it's their place to do so, and all of the above sounds better to me than wet and irritated. I'm crabby enough without such provocations.

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  • Is chantix my miracle drug - Sherri's blog. Sherri kept taking Chantix until she was ready to quit smoking on November 12, 2007 and is blogging about it.


  1. I think I would have to pass on any beverage served to me in a lung. Call me picky. I feel like an idiot because I never heard of yurts until I read it on your blog. And I'm from Siberia too!!!

  2. Maggie - I heard about the storm in your neck of the woods today on the news - hope you dry out soon! I am in 100% agreement with you - I only mention Chantix or sing its praises to people I know or when it comes up in normal conversation. I am happy to say that I now have TWO friends who are on Chantix, and I've promised to be supportive. Like you, I used to get furious with "well-meaning" ex-smokers or (even worse) never-been-smokers who feel it's their civic duty to tell you how disgusting you are. I vowed I would never be like that. EVER. Like Tasina, I had never heard of a yurt before, either, so you've definitely sparked my interest. I'll be doing some research on yurts in my spare time once the semester ends (last final is 12/13/2007). Stay dry!!!!

  3. I'm another who's never heard of a yurt. lol

    I'm with you Maggie, I don't miss standing out in the cold and wet to smoke. That's probably my biggest motivator for not smoking right now.

  4. Honey Bucket - I love it! Lord I needed to laugh and you did it, Thank You. Sure glad I bought a nice warm waterproof coat!

  5. Thanks, everyone! Yep, I hadn't heard of a yurt either until I moved here.


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