Friday, December 07, 2007

Same Stuff Still Works

Today is Smoke-free Day 172.

It's funny how some of the same stuff still works. Sitting at a stoplight last night an urge to smoke hit me strong enough that I mentioned it to Tom. One nice deep breath later I knew that I would be OK. It's so odd how right at the moment an urge hits, it seems as if it is super powerful and going to last forever or that it's always that way, even if none of the above are actually all that true. At least now I understand that the urge does pass, life does go on, and it's really not always even a struggle, even in the days beyond the good old Chantix days (though it's not like all of those days were quite easy, either).

This morning seems to be more of the same, so I'm doing a lot of breathing, but it actually feels pretty good. Maybe I'll end the day more balanced or centered or some kind of thing like all that. Or maybe not. No promises.


  1. It must be a sign. I've been having a rough time with the cravings tonight (it's day 3 of no smoking for me) and I pulled up my blog and saw your comment, which led me to this post. I am so determined to kick this habit, but tonight has been the hardest. Is it wrong that I feel like I've lost a good friend? It's snowing right now and I want to go outside and watch the snow while I smoke, just like I have in the past. But then I read your post and it reminded me that this craving will pass, just as the ones before it have. Thank you!

  2. Lynda, it is exactly like loosing your best friend when you quit. You can go out and watch the snow and think how your breath makes fog without smoking. How you aren't dropping ashes in the snow. There are so many thing that you can enjoy, just like you did before, but without that old companion. Hang in there! It does get easier and easier.

  3. Lynda, so glad you stopped by and that you are hanging tough. It does get better. It really does. Sherri agrees, too ;)

  4. Still going strong, although I did pause to enjoy the smell of two ladies that were a car down from me smoking while I was out shopping this morning. I can't wait until it smells offensive to me.

  5. Lynda, I hear you. I still actually like the smell of smoke itself, but I don't like that icky stale smell on a smoker.


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