Thursday, December 20, 2007

Super Quick Linky Loos Addition

Today is Smoke-free Day 185, and my world is still smoke-free and still kind of nutty crazy busy, but there is always time to add someone to my crazy list of fellow Chantix bloggers on my list of Linky Loos (by the way, there are other links to other smoke-free goodness, too, if you are looking for a little boost). This new addition link is over there on the side, and eventually will make it onto the actual Linky Loos posting list (the list that I know needs to be weeded and sorted out since many really aren't so up to date - another project for another day because today just not smoking and treading water are plenty enough).

Current, Regularly Updated Blogs I Read Daily:

  • The Chantix Experience - Brandie's blog. Brandie has started her Chantix and has picked out a quit date of December 24, 2007. I can't think of a better present to give oneself.
Is anyone else excited that Santa is coming soon? He will be arriving at our house late, late Friday night once we are in bed because we do stuff however we want (and at the start of a long weekend), and I cannot even contain myself. I also won't have to interrupt my own fun by going out to smoke.

Gah, back to busy I go.


  1. You are your own Looney Tune Maggie, I read your blog and I have to laugh.

    Keep it up girl and have a wonderful Holiday Season, you deserve nothing but the best!

  2. Today there was a mostly full pack of ultra lights propped open by the BP trash. I don't carry a lighter else I would have smoked. They looked tasty, but alchohol helps tempt (from experience.)

  3. MamaFlo, yep, I'm nutty ;) Hope your holidays are awesome, too!

    Sevnetus, I agree that alcohol makes tempting that much more tempting.

  4. Thanks so much for adding me! I'm getting people stopping by, and new comments. It's very supportive. Thanks, again!!!

  5. Brandie, glad you are getting some support. It helped me a bunch, so I love doing what I can to connect up Chantix bloggers, even if it's just adding a link.


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