Sunday, December 02, 2007

Weekly Winners Sunday 12/2/07

Another Sunday, another Weekly Winners - my favorite pictures from the week. All this because Lotus started it.

Click for larger images or take a peek at the entire album at once and/or watch as a slideshow at this link.

OK, this really is the last I'll mention it, but there is just a bit more on what I'm calling "The Damn Bean Soup" that preoccupied much of my week (all the links are in the post I just linked if you can't stand not knowing all the beany details). Beyond that, just more silliness photographed during my week.

Dry Beans Separate and Doubled for a Quart

Dry Beans Mixed

Dry Beans Layered

Sweetest Kind of Bean

Dark and Rainy by 5PM

Favorite Weekend Socks, Ever

How to Celebrate as Adults (who really aren't)

Self-Portrait: Me, Waiting for Santa


  1. Hi Maggie, nice portrait you have made, waiting for Santa! I think I might put up my decoration too this afternoon, it's very dreary weather here, pooring rain and all that! I am under the impression that you put up your Christmas decoration very early, or am I wrong? In Belgium it is custom not to put it up before the 6th of december, but I think I'll do it anyway!

    Love the cat picture too!
    Still going strong on non smoking?

  2. Hi Maggie, thanks for commenting.. Your photos are So nice *sigh*, they put me to shame...

    cheers Kim xox

  3. P.s..Yay congratulations on the quitting...YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY

    I gave up smoking 20th november last year...

    You keep on going yayayayay

    cheers Kim

  4. I love your Weekly Winners, Maggie! I especially love your self portrait, but I am a bit of a self portrait junkie. Happy Sunday. Mine are up, too.
    Secret Agent Mama

  5. Great photos - those bean are awesome.

    And the "How to celebrate as adults" cracked me up. :-)

  6. Hi Maggie, Lovely to see your Christmas dec's. To say that I haven't gotten that far is a vast understatement. For me...I love the socks. Too fun and funny! And the beans are visually so great, aren't they? I did some photos of beans not that long ago. But yours are better!

  7. Well, all of the hard-work you put into the soup (after such an intriguing intro, I had to follow through); it's great to know that you eventually ended up with a good soup and some great bean shots!

    Great pictures, honey!

  8. Fun photos Maggie. I love the texture in the bean pictures. And the Adults (who really aren't), yeah, we've got that going on here too. :)

  9. Loved the pics....its always nice to see who you are bloggiing with. I must say looking at all of those beans made my stomach hurt. My stomach has been better the last couple of days but then again, I have been sleeping most of the weekend. I can't believe we are in the season! Wishing you a great smoke-free holiday season with lots of joy.

  10. Great pictures. That Hello Kitty ornament is adorable! My daughter would love it!

  11. Ah Maggie.....I want those socks.....I haven't seen any like those around here. Your tree is pretty and those beans actually look yummy from someone who dont like beans. haha
    Guess I need to get to takin some holiday photos!!!

  12. Great photos! I love the rainy dark one...we don't get those here very much, and I miss it.

    I also love to see other people don't follow the traditional Christmas ornament thing...we have three kids, and have to have three Spiderman ornaments on the tree every year, along with Yoda, The Starship Enterprise, and random stuff the kids find humorous.

  13. I love the kitty..and who knew beans could be so photogenic??

  14. Love your cat! And for some reason I always like shots taken on rainy days. Can almost hear it.


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