Monday, December 24, 2007

Weekly Winners Sunday 12/23/07

Weekly Winners time
once again because Lotus started this

Click for larger images (because they do look better full-sized) or take a peek at the entire album at once and/or watch as a slideshow
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Been a very busy week since last weekend, so there are two themes going this week.

Since we winter camped in the yurt last weekend and got back on Sunday, technically half of the pictures (those taken that morning) belong in this week's Weekly Winners (also because I didn't have the energy once we returned).

Then we celebrated Christmas early because it made sense in front of a long 4 day weekend to be able to eat and play with our toys instead of waiting until the last day of the mini vacation. And so, I bring you this week winter camping and early Christmas pictures.


(no, not the
fancy kind of yurt I want to own in
this post
- where we stayed was "rustic")

Yurt Village Yurt Above

Yurt Village

Yurt Above

Scrabbling in Yurt Winning Words


Winning Words

Sundial Two are One


Two are One

Campfire... ...with Marshmallows


Campfire with Marshmallows

Inside the Yurt Self-Portrait In
Pondering Winning Scrabble Hat




Scrabble Winning Hat
Butt Kicking More Evil Bush (apparently these
are in

a lot of places
One Leaf

Butt Kicking

Evil Bush Again

One Leaf

Santa Pin Santa Come Soon Santa Wuz Here!

Santa Pin

Santa Come Soon

Santa Wuz Here!
Mashable + Makings of Heaven
(half recipe amt) =
Heaven (aka
Southern Sweet Potato Casserole)


Makings of Heaven

Heaven - Sweet Potato Casserole

My First Ever Pumpkin Pie New Twist -
Deviled Eggs Gone Eastern Rim

(in a glass, since the plant is poisonous to my catties and
because it tastes better this way)

My First Pumkin Pie

Deviled Eggs -  Asia Version

Poinsettia in a Glass


  1. those are great! I should try to take some of fire this week.

  2. Wonderful photos! I love the scrabble photos - that's one of my all-time favorite games. :-)

  3. Your opponent has to know they're screwed when you're taking a photo of your Scrabble letters. ;-)

    Your pies look heavenly - even when sick I can appreciate that! ;-)

  4. You make me smile with all your Weekly Winners. So-much-so that I need you on my blogroll!

  5. Maggie,
    Camping in the yurt looks amazingly fun! Now I want to do it! I love the fire pic and the game pics. Who would have thought that camping in the cold would look like SO much fun! I am glad you and your guy had such a great time camping and celebrating X-Mas.

    Off the topic, I need to know from you how to post pics like you do it. Maybe I could e-mail you for directions. I still have not quite figured out links, changing the set-up of this blog and putting in small pics! So much to learn! I am really having a lot of fun with this blog.

  6. I was one of the people missing my "email this post" icon. I was able to find a work around for that. However, I can't seem to find any solutions to your missing quick edit pencil. I did manage to find a contact form for Blogger to report problems. Try
    Good luck with that.

  7. Hello! Looks like you're having lots of fun. And your first pumpkin pie looks about perfect! I've been cooking pumpkin for a while, and mine never looks that nice ;-)

  8. Tommie, your pictures take the cake this week. So glad your family is together for Christmas.

    Thanks, l^2! I only like Scrabble when I when. Once Tom has gotten good and beats me soon, it will be less fun... ;)

    Ha, Lotus, yah, Tom thought I was a nut taking pictures (and I bet it scared him).

    Mishi, thank you! I've added you, too, and I'm glad your Christmas looked like fun, too.

    Mz Diva, thanks! I'm glad to help however I can. The pictures can be inserted into any post by just clicking on the icon at the top while composing, but do let me know if I can help more.

    Lugosi, thank you for the tip. I will try contacting Blogger or just deal with it.

    Brandie, yep, I just got lucky with that pie. I don't talk about the pecan pie attempt of Thanksgiving. Geesh... :)


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