Saturday, December 29, 2007

Yay My Dad

Today is Smoke-free Day 194 at the end of the longest short week I've ever had.

I don't talk much about family here because while I used to tell total strangers all of my business and fling dirty laundry at them (figuratively only, usually, unless something went wrong), I've scaled back quite a bit on even that, and it's so different on a blog that is written for all the world to see. Finding the right balance sometimes keeps me up at night (OK, not that much), and it's another area where people are just different; different folks are comfortable with different levels of sharing publicly, just like I think people quitting smoking, while similar, each will walk his or her own path along the way to becoming a non-smoker (or at least someone who used to smoke but no longer does).

All this to say how thrilled I am that my dad (who just got online, probably doesn't know what I blog is and certainly doesn't read mine) quit smoking on October 22, 2007 (back when I wrote a vague post about being Busy and scared of heart stuff - still am). It was like an almost unfunny joke that day that he had his last couple cigarettes as he was driving himself to the hospital with chest pains and difficulty breathing (and a history of more than one open heart surgery behind those shirt buttons) because he is stubborn like that. My dad smoked plenty of his 70-ish years, but he also quit at various points, too, long before Chantix or the advent of new fangled contraptions like computers and internet. My dear old dad, who I hope knows how much I love and miss him, is still just simply hanging in there and not smoking since then, not entirely convinced that smoking is related to some of his heart and lung or other health issues, but also not so convinced that it's all *that* darn tough to quit and seeing no good reason to keep smoking. Sure, he admits to missing smoking sometimes, but he doesn't need to whine about it or obsess about it or blog about it or find some community of others (online or other) who are also quitting smoking or take some pill (thank you, Chantix, again, thank you!) to help make it easier or do most of the things (like all of the above) that I consider pretty much vital to the amount of success I've had in reaching the 6 month mark so far.

I have to laugh at how differently my own dad and I are approaching the same thing. At least I appear to have been born with an undiluted version of his stubbornness. That's probably the only thing the same about our quits, but personally it's one of my favorite tools.


  1. Applause to your dad for quitting!!! Woohoo Mister Mind. ;)

  2. That's great news! (The not smoking part). Congrats to him.

    I hope your holidays are going well, and have a happy New Year!

  3. Your post really touched me! I am really glad your dad is quitting also. My mom quit when she was disgnosed with terminal lung cancer so it was too late. Its amazing how some people can just "Stop" no support, no Chanitx, no patch, no nothing! I feel blessed to have found the support I need to have made it this far.

  4. Great news about your Dad, Maggie. My Dad quit cold turkey after smoking for decades. He stayed quit the rest of his life. Funny how some people can just quit, no excuses.
    Have a Happy New Year!

  5. Ha, Tasina, that's funny :)

    Thanks, Nathan. Hope your holidays are going well, too!

    Mz Diva, I'm so sorry about your mom, and I'm just glad that you are quitting now, too.

    Sherri, it's amazing isn't it how some just quit like that?

  6. Yeah it's hard to believe that he did it. At first I thought he was just hiding it from your sister but I believe now that my grandpa actually quit.


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